From Edale to Kinder Scout

The long-awaited chance to go hiking finally came last Saturday. 7 of us went together – a random combination of nationalities and course degrees. X) Our destination of the day was Edale, Peak District – around 45 mins by train from Manchester. Immediately upon arrival at around 8.30a.m, the long walk of the day begins with the Pennine Trail.

Walking towards the hills (:

The morning weather was sunny despite the mist, and I find it utterly beautiful how the sunshine penetrates the mist layers which are less thick. Pretty patches of blue lingered amongst the clouds in the skies and the sheep were lazily grazing all around us, giving looks of inquisitiveness at times. The green grass makes you go ‘ohh-so-fluffy-I’m-gonna-die!’ *inserts Agnes from Despicable Me tone*. Very tempted to just lie down and stare at the sky but hmm, here comes the major downside of this lovely place – I shall call it a living pootopia. Sheep poo literally everywhere! And I even found the ultimate biggest pile of poo eveer.

From the slopes – view of another peak.

Baa baa black sheep.

Such a lovely walk. Wish I can have this as morning walk everyday.

The Pennine Trail is a quite gentle walk (as you can see in the pics above XD) with well built pathways and gates, giving a good view of the peaks around and of Edale lying below. It then took us back down to a little village where an uncle kindly gave us walking directions. We passed through a farmyard with chickens and big cute haystacks haha, crossed over an old bridge and trekked alongside a running stream of crystal clear water, heading towards Kinder Scout – the highest peak in Peak District at 636m above sea level!

A lonely tree on the hills.

The DSLR people on the bridge.

After some time, we emerged from the woody area into the open grassy hills again. I love it how the surroundings around us changed like we are stepping through doors of a new world. There are now mini waterfalls here and there for us to spot. The skies had changed colour slightly however, with grey clouds moving in from the north. We soon reached a large muddy patch and had a little hard time crossing it. The mud on the hills, was in fact one of the biggest challenges because apart from not wanting to get your shoes all covered in mud, it proved to be veery slippery too. XD

The waterfall with the biggest current we came across I figureee.

The mud patch challenge.

The layers breaking the flow make it so nice. If only heather was in bloom! I’d be as happy as a lark.

The climb became more and more arduous as the gradient got steeper. So did the rain/drizzle/rain cycle begin as well. It was kind of fun to cross the stream now and then though, choosing which stones to step on and splashing the water occasionally. Turning back for a look of the valley was brilliant, excited of what we have covered.

The valley, facing south.

I got quite out of breath in the final ascent where we cut through the grass and heather instead of following the rocky dirty trail. Upon reaching the top, it was already half past 12 so we ‘cheerily’ ate our Nutella sandwiches in the rain and wind. They tasted like the best Nutella sandwich I’ve ever had somehow, perhaps cause I was so hungry. :P We also asked a passing-by park ranger for alternative route directions back to Edale as we were nooot keen on taking the same trail back haha. Thank goodness there was one indeed. But he warned me to be extra careful because my (jogging) shoes are not meant for hiking. :X (Thank God again for helping me get back in one piece!)

That’s the top! We didn’t actually reach that point but we went pretty near it heh.

The other way back was really much better, having a nicely built path of rock slabs most of the way along the ridge. It led us to Grindsbrook Clough, which peak we bypassed and started the descent across grass and the final muddy trail. Going down definitely took much less energy as well, but it also gave us more slips and slides. :(

Somehow I just like the colour combination in this picture.

At about 3pm, we were back at our starting point in Edale, catching a break at the Tourist Information Centre before taking the train home. There was this couple we met at the platform and the uncle said it’s his 102nd time going hiking around Edale. :O Hats off!

On our way dooooown. Look at the sky! Maybe it’s not clear here, but it was beautiful then and there – how the sunlight broke apart the dark clouds in the distance.

So it was an absolutely great trip, highly recommended if you’re searching for somewhere to hike! :D (Just make sure you have a rainproof or windproof coat and suitable shoes (hiking boots), and food!) Thanks to Albert for organizing this trip, and to everyone else who went – we had a fun time didn’t we!