My Summer Holidays

Over is summer holiday, officially. I’m back in Manchester with its signature grey dreadful weather. The three months in Miri were awesome, just like the four days in Poland. Thanks to family and all friends! (: But the good days have come to a halt as lectures are starting tomorrow. With it comes the start of dissertation work as well urgh.

Summer in Miri consisted of endless food outings, including a trip to Brunei with a group of Nottingham pharmacists plus two engineers and a lawyer (all to-be XD). Wonderful Japanese feast after 3D Paranorman and followed by ice-cream. I need to warn you that this post is bombarded with food pics (:

Unbelievably delicious crunchy seaweed…craving for it now already. :(

Fresh salmon sashimi.

Spicy seafood pasta, thumbs-up!

Salmon sushi.

Soft shell crab tempura.

Awesome salmon with cheese sushi.

I guess we had a lot of salmon that day.

Had spent quite some time with CH friends as well, eating everywhere from almost all the ice shops to McDonald’s at the petrol station; or sweating out at the Pujut 2 badminton court. I will definitely miss the badminton sessions! It was also great to see so many old friends and schoolmates, catching up with each other and sharing our own stories. Some of us have freshly graduated and are preparing for a new phase of life. The rest of us are still edging on in uni life – some approaching the end; some a little longer distance to go. Whichever it is, may God’s guidance never be absent from our venture.

Traffic light combination of drinks lol. @ Nikko with Tseyui, Sinan, Clement, Guan and ChunSian.

Chicken Teppanyaki,

Chilling in Starbucks after dinner.

Oreo Ice @ D Rafflesia with Suyi, Linglee, Dianying, Teo, Pollux and Maurice.

First Nasi Lemak I had in summer. (:

Ida’s lunch – Meatball Tang Hoon? @ Bak Kut Teh shop with Ida, Rebecca and Tseyui.

Dim sum with Florence, Agnes and Tseyui @ Lao Yang.

Steamboat dinner @ Lao Yang with Vh’s, Yc’s and Sophia’s mum. :P To vh’s mum – thanks for all the breakfasts and food you have been feeding me!

Countless steamed prawns with chilli garlic sauce. Dinner @ Ming Chai with Tseyui, Jion, Perng, Jayme, Pollux, Hayden, Jackie and Roland.

KFCK burger..too many trips here. Heh. :D

Pollux’s birthday! Huge huge cake. 

Hilarious moments in Ring of Fire.

Western style dinner @ Citrus with Freddie, Guan, BoonTung, VuiKhiong, Tseyui and HanSian.

Chocolate mousse cake @Imperial Palace Hotel with Flora and Tseyui.

Group pic (: Purposely went back into the cafe to ask the waitress help us take a pic haha.

Big prawns at home! Fished by my uncle. Super yummy too.

Byee, Miri sunset.

On the way to KL. Lovely sunrise views.

The few days in KL before returning to UK were packed with good food too. And I was lucky enough to win a RM30 dining voucher online from TimeOut to spend at 1 out of 9 listed restaurants in MidValley. :D

KL night view, from one of the LRT stations in Ampang.

View of the fountains at KLCC Park from Kinokuniya.

I wanted to say that the public facilities in KL seem to have improved. The bridge walkway connectin KLCC and Pavillion, KTM commuters changed to new ones, token system introduced as substitute for the paper tickets on public transport. To add on, even the taxi drivers, hotel staff, store staff and strangers appear rather friendly and helpful. Always lifts my heart up largely to receive kindness from people I don’t even know. ((:

Spicy Ramen @ Goku Raku Ramen in MV.

Chilli Pan Mee – gave me a stomachache but it tasted so good it was worth it. :P 

Pasembur rojak? Very different from the rojak in Miri but yummy too! :D Thanks for bringing me around to eat and drink and play – Loohzhen, Ying, Jake, Matthew, Justyn, Sengtuck, Jingwoay, ChoonHong and Wailum.

Appetisers and side dishes for dinner @ Bulgogi Brothers, Pavillion with family. (:

Chicken bibimbap. :D

Anyway, hello to Manchester again. Hello to rain, hello to uni work, hello to the cold. Stay tuned for my Poland trip post.