55 years of Independence

Past 7 ante meridiem, sitting at the breakfast table; Staring at the honey flowing down in its upside down bottle…The first thing that came to mind on a beautiful morning just had to be Newtonian fluid. Urghh. Sorry rheology, I am never a fan of yours.

Declaring Independence – 31st Aug 1957.

It is National Day today, which I found out quite recently after 2% of my brain was silently wondering what’s the occasion for a public holiday just after Raya. Come to think of it, this would never have happened in former days. Do you guys remember mini Jalur Gemilang fluttering in the wind on cars? Some enthusiasts even stick around 2 dozens of it on their car and kids in other cars passing by would go ‘WOW mummy/daddy! Look at that!’ Our national flag would also be hung in a lot of places – in school, on shop lot buildings, outside wooden houses etc. TV 1, 2, 3 and the local radio stations would be playing a variety of patriotic songs or reciting Rukun Negara.

Today I went out to town for lunch for a few hours. I don’t recall seeing a single Jalur Gemilang on the roads or anywhere. In the past they should have lingered around for a while already. No one watches local RTM channels anymore because we have Astro and satellites (and Internet). There is not much, if nothing, left to remind me the significance of 31st August, apart from the Merdeka ‘big/grand’ sales advertisements in the newspapers.

There are only two Independence Day celebrations in my life which I can recall. One is because of these 2 mini flags I can see right now in front of me. The orchestra was performing at Indoors and we were given a mini flag each during rehearsal to wave at certain times when not performing. With my brilliant goldfish memory I forgot to bring mine on that day itself so teehee, robbed another one. The other celebration is the epic one and shall probably remain the deepest impression of Independence Day through my life – Form 4B (year 2006 in CH), performing one of the dramas or prosa from Antologi Kerusi that narrates Malaysia’s history during the British and Japanese colonization days. Thanks to our Malay teacher Puan Yeoh who supervised our practices and gave advices, we put on a memorable show for the school. The best moment definitely was when our classmate playing Tunku Abdul Rahman at Dataran Merdeka shouted out an 8th “MERDEKA!” alone on stage. (Reminder: Merdeka was only shouted 7 times on the 1st Independence Day 55 years ago. This is a well-known historical fact.) He probably lost count accidentally but lol, the mistake had the whole hall erupting in laughter. A week after, we were watching a recorded video of our own performance and everyone was just waiting to laugh at that highlight. XD How I wish I have that video with me now. It will be a great way to remember good old times.

23.450 post meridiem, sitting at my work table; Pondering about our nation’s future in the hope that racial discriminations among fellow Malaysians will cease to minimum; that political parties can have healthy competition during electoral campaigns while practising ethical values in their actions and words; and that both leaders and citizens realize what peace and unity are all about.