Post #55

(I’ve decided to use Post #XX as a title template when I can’t be bothered to think of one. :P Forgive my laziness, thanks.)

It is July and half of the year has gone by! I can still remember the hasty last potluck dinner of 2011 on 31st Dec at home with the girls, our hearts burdened by the impending January exams. We were busy with exams, busy with design project, busy with exams again – thank God for the Easter holidays in between for recharge. And then it is summer holidays. The last official one before work life begins next year after graduating from uni…getting old!

Perhaps this kind of gathers up how I grew from a typical childish kid to whoever I am today lol. (From right) My old watches – (sadly, the 3rd one is missing as I dropped it) and the current one. It is interesting to think about the memories each of them brings back. Though I’ve got to admit that the joy when I got my Garfield watch was most immense compared to the rest, I do treasure them equally! (:

Growth is always fascinating – how people grow, how flowers bloom when they were nothing but a little seed before.

Sometimes, things don’t grow as you wish like our mini home-grown aubergine here – it’s yummy nevertheless!

On a side note, I’ve finally received my postcard from Prague! Thanks yc, with this I forgive you about cheating me and making me all confused halfway through my sleep and also dinner!

Before I end this short random post, lemme express my joy because of the cool about-to-rain weather outside the window! :D It casts a state of gloom in Manchester but in Malaysia, I welcome it with hands widespread!