summer joy

Living in a concrete and steel jungle like Manchester and occupied with courseworks and studies, never once could I take in a nice seaside sunset.  Perhaps I’ll have a go at a city-view sunset from a high-rise building next year, suppose it should be a different kind of enjoyment as well.

Thanks to my taller than me junior Erika (How tall are you exactly?? D: ), I finally got a long-awaited sunset view along the coast of Miri. Not to mention my first dose of ABC Special and 芋头虾饼 at the Petronas ice shop, such a joy in the unbelievably hot tropical weather! It has been ages since I last saw Erika, I guess the last time being back in CH. Clocks have been ticking away and somehow even this last batch of CH juniors we know are already doing A-Levels or equivalents. I can still recall those good old times of squabbling with Peralihan/Form 1 students and my dear traffic games kiddos. To think that you kids have all grown up now…means I’m old urghhh! :O

My favourite ABC Special!

The temptation of kicking away my pumps and feel the soft wet sand with waves rolling over periodically.

Sun was still high up when we were at Beach Republic.

Marina Bay – perfect for those emo-ing.

The sunset show begins!

And the sun disappears below the horizon for the night!

Meanwhile, the moon has appeared above our heads.

Bidding goodbye to the beach, heading for dinner at Kent’s Garden in Lutong!

Cheese-baked rice.

Fried kway-teow!

Curry laksa. (: Yet to eat Sarawak laksa!!

It was a great outing with you Erika, glad we finally found the chance to meet up haha! Take care of yourself in the big city of KL with dangers lurking in the lorongs D: Eat well, sleep well and have fun studying A-Levels before entering the exciting world of university life! See you in August maybe! (: