Design project, the end. (:

2 more weeks till my first exam paper for this semester, which is just 2 days before the 2nd/last paper. (: This is probably the best part of Year 3 – having only 2 papers in the 2nd semester after working on our design project the whole year.

Looking back, I have to say that God’s grace has been a greatest blessing and I could never have made it to where I am now without it. All the unspoken comfort and assurance He gave in panicky situations or times when there seems to be no way out. Not to mention giving me wonderful group mates for design project – Katie, Komal, Morayo, Samie, Qas, Usman and Mathew! It has been such a pleasure working with you all – ME Chemical Group rocks! :D

Nearing the end of design project, the MSCES gang (+shianglynn :P) went out for Hotpot & BBQ dinner at Han Dynasty, which is just round the corner down the street. This is the restaurant that always make me hungry when I walk past it on my way home on cold windy days. D: You don’t understand how far its food aroma can drift to. So, there were quite a variety of raw ingredients presented in buffet style for you to take and dump into your own hotpot. It has been a while since I last ate hotpot, and all I can say is it makes one happy! (LZ you have no idea how tempted I am to put that picture of you here because it would go perfectly with this sentence hahaha)

Rojak papique.

Into the hotpot they go!

Taking pictures and eating yoo-char-kueh towards the end when we ran out of oranges and melons.

After dinner we were off to W3 as usual, though we know what time we’ll end up going home. :X It has actually become common for us people to go home after the sun has  risen, doing nothing but talk, eat and play. Or doing The W3 Challenge :O – had an epic moment myself eating the worst thing I’ve eaten in my life – a (tea)spoonful of cinnamon powder even though I like cinnamon. Beats pure bitter gourd juice, trust me. Took me lots of water, jellybeans and Skittles to rid my throat of the strong cinnamon taste!

8th May

We had our group presentation in the new building. Interesting to see everyone dressed up formal and smart for it. My group was the 3rd to go in our room – producing LAB (linear alkyl benzene). The Q&A session was rather intense, not knowing what questions any student or academic staff might shoot at you. Fortunately it was over without anything disastrous. Dave even backed us up on questions regarding the school proposal. :D With that, design project officially ended. #

Beautiful weather congratulating us for finishing design project haha!

11th May

Another happy note, we managed to have a double birthday celebration for Lucky and Tseyui 2 days ago. It was definitely challenging to organize a double-sided surprise event (only succeeded on tseyui’s side), plus choosing and buying the birthday gifts. But thank God, everything was sorted out in one way or another. Hope they enjoyed the night, though Lucky ended up retiring to bed early and not even remembering eating pizza for supper. XD Best wishes to both of you and may the coming year be a fruitful and memorable one!

Don’t know why I look sleepy in the pics. :S

 Lucky singing!! 

She’s happy with her gifts! ((:

He….is just hiding his joy. lol.

Birthday stars with their cards and presents! But what’s so funny mr lucky??

BIG group pic. X)


Shall update again amidst revision because it’s always the time when you have the urge to ditch notes for blogging teehee. Till then! xx