The Walled City

Following the end of our exams (FINALLY), Shianglynn, Jozee, Chiakhuan and I took a little break by visiting Chester for a day! Poor Jozee had a vigorous morning exercise running back from Piccadilly to Weston to grab her forgotten railcard X) I should have taken a picture of her rosy cheeks..Anyhow, we managed to get to Chester as scheduled.

Another view from train ride. (:

The big attractions information board standing right outside the train station was quite helpful. We basically picked the places which appear to be more interesting and set off towards the city centre following the road signs; and thanks to a slightly elderly couple who kindly showed us the way there when we got a bit confused lol.

Siam Thai Teppanyaki :S Some fusion.

Upon reaching The Rows, we could see a crowd and familiar firecrackers + drum beat sounds. Strangely, few-Chinese-Chester was celebrating Chinese New Year too!

Even the performers under the ‘lions’ were not Chinese but locals and even a black lol – Kudos to them for learning it!

A random candy shop. (:

Our initial intention was to find a place called The Rectory for lunch but somehow the lion dance parade was moving in the same direction so we were kind of trailing the crowd to the Town Hall. We ended up in a French restaurant called Chez Jules, opposite the restaurant (Joseph Benjamin) the guy at the Information Centre suggested that we try. It looked really good too but we got attracted by the cheaper 2-course meal at Chez Jules!

Silly how we realized it’s a French place only after sitting down at the table for 5 minutes.

My entree – Goat cheese risotto!

Grilled plaice in garlic butter sauce. (:

After lunch, we clambered up the city walls! They were first built back in AD79 by the Romans to defend against the Welsh, giving it a history of almost 2 millenia – older than the Great Wall of China! However, it failed to protect the city during the English Civil War and thereafter, was restored by the Georgians and Victorians. I wonder if it’s because the Chester walls are so low from the ground and generally rather levelled. Shouldn’t be hard to attack XD I remember myself panting and huffing when I climbed the Great Wall, which snakes up and down the mountains like a dragon. The views paid it off though, of course. X) In comparison Chester Walls is more like a nice promenade connecting the tourist spots lol!

The walls took us to Chester Cathedral, passing by the Garden of Remembrance but the flowers were not in bloom, obviously…

Something unique about Chester is the 1st floor walkway in front of the shops, with narrow little stairs providing access at a 2,3 shops-interval. Right, you can’t see it in this pic but it does exist in certain rows of buildings! Oh and did I mention that we discovered Chester is brimming with bridal shops or shops related to weddings! The wedding city lol.

At Eastgate Clock Tower built by the Victorians. Thanks to the lady who so nicely offered to take a picture for us!

I love these drawings!! <3 Sketches ftw.

River Dee. Can you see the Queens Park Suspension Bridge in the distance? (:

Emo bird taking in the riverside scenery.

As we were strolling on the upstairs walkway after completing the city wall walk, we came across this tearoom called Mad Hatters that beckons afternoon-tea fans to step in and enjoy themselves.

Caged scones. D:

Pretty interior upstairs.

Yummylicious hot chocolate.

Cakes anyone? (: Cutest menu ever.

Coffee and walnut cake. A tad too sweet for our likings but still enjoyable!

Orange drizzle cake! I like this better though it’s sweet too…Have a sweet tooth anyway.

The town market was much less interesting than we expected, personally I think the one in Ashton-under-lyne has more appealing stalls. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to walk around and look at the dairy or groceries stuff being sold. Wish there’s a lovely market in Manchester where we can do our groceries hehe.

Deciding that we have pretty much explored most of Chester, we headed back to the train station at around 5 something. Luck was with us for we were just in time for a train departing for Manchester. :D Reaching Manchester, Jozee, Chiakhuan and I somehow half-jogged, half-ran back to Chiakhuan’s place where we microwaved the leftovers from our previous night’s CNY dinner. Overnight food tastes better sometimes!! Only went home at 11 something after watching Running Man on the couch and laughing nonstop :P Thanks for the great day out girls!

Now I’m distressed that our 2 days post-exam rest is almost over. :X