Welcoming the Year of Dragon

It’s the 3rd year I’m spending Chinese New Year away from home. To make things worse, CNY clashes with our exams this time round! How awful right. ): So whilst people are probably having reunion dinner back at home, visiting relatives, eating cakes & cookies and receiving angpaus…My fellow uni-mates and I, especially the engineering people who never get to finish exams early, have been and will be spending a glorious time with books and notes and oh-so-lovely equations until we hand in our last paper!

Chinese lanterns have been hung up around the Town Hall square. It does make me miss home, seeing the lanterns dancing in the wind on a Sunday morning when the streets are almost deserted. Praying to God that we’ll all sail through the remaining papers with sheer determination! > < Just less than a week to go before we immerse in the joy of freedom and celebrate CNY!

Wishing all friends and family a blissful and meaningful New Year, no matter where you are! :D


Just to be random~

Studying is not complete without food!! XD *okay….resumes study mode*