2012 so far

Approaching the first sunset of 2012. – 1st Jan 2012 –

Slightly more than a week since year 2012 began! Most of the UK undergraduates are probably grumbling or stressing over the imminent exams at this time, apart from those universities whose exams were in Dec or all accumulated in the 2nd semester. Conversations shared with coursemates or friends have been quite constant over the past week – What to eat for dinner, what to do after exams, or just “So xien lah!!(Malaysian cukup-cukup) Can’t wait for exams to be over!”! And self-generated 9gag/meme stuff related to our course.

Before I forget, apologies to those who can’t read Chinese about my previous post. X) I just felt like it, and I actually kinda miss writing proper Chinese essays! Plus, that drama I was rambling about is in Chinese. It’s been long since I last watched a Taiwanese drama because I got tired of the typical plots. But this one caught my attention and I did enjoyed watching it – the script was quite well-written. Titled “In Time With You”, it’s about 2 friends who knew each other since high school and remained close all the way till then. And no, I’m not gonna repeat what I said in English lol, sorry! This post is not meant for doing that! XD You can check out the drama on Mysoju if you want to, with Eng subs. ;) It’s funny, heartbreaking and sweet! Will rewatch after exams hahah!

It occurred to me I never showed how my room in the new apartment looks like, so there you go! (:

Crispy curry chicken rice @ Samsi. 1st of the year!

Curry laksa from Loohzhen! :D *Thumbs-up!* Hot food is awesome in cold weather.

My star-shaped tang yuan. (; Have been eating too much tang yuan this holiday! And that doesn’t stop me from craving for more. D:

Free-flow frozen banana yogurt at Nandos! We refilled like 6, 7 times? XD

Right I think I have been taking mostly food pics this year…the joy of eating! Had a half-enjoyable time revising at Costa in Waterstone’s today after church with blueberry muffin and hot chocolate (: Then chicken rice dinner plus herbal chicken soup and other vege. Need hearty meals to keep me going!!

Hope your first week of the year has been fine! Look on the bright side because anyhow, it HAS to be the best week you’ve had so far this year! Teeheee…ignore me cold joke. March on ahead in the light of God! :D