21 Years of Memories

29th Dec 2011

It’s my birthday today.

I thought Google would provide me with some unique suggestions of things to do but no, you disappoint me this time Google! So well, I just turned 21. Not keen about the officially adult thingy, and not worrying about age-ing yet – that’ll probably come when I hit the 30’s. D: It’s quite hard to picture my life in another 10 years’ time. The people around me, the environment I live in, and of course, my personality. Will they remain the same? Up to this point in life, God has blessed me with lots and lots of wonderful people, be it my family or friends. There are countless people whom I’d love to shout-out a big ‘THANK YOU!’ to – there’s a part of these people who probably never knew that I’m grateful towards them in some stage of my life, for their presence or for any little thing/change they brought. Perhaps some of these people, I’ve never even crossed path with before. X)

(ADD-ON on 1st Jan 2012 :P)

Thanks to awesome friends, I had 2 surprises this year. The first was a surprise in advance on Boxing Day – Loohzhen and I went to get lemonade from Tesco and the desserts from Jake and Matthew, whilst our ‘guests’ were eating at Wasabi. When we got back and stepped out of the lift, “Happy Birthday to you~~” – took me by surprise totally! Didn’t see that coming at all haha! So they were plotting to get my face smeared in cream from the tiramisu by requesting me to remove the candles by mouth when one of them is pushed in deeply already. Thankfully I tried to keep these mischievous people 1m away – but that didn’t stop Winnie from directly smearing the cream on my face with her hand, tralalaa.

Thank you for the surprise, the 6 of you who stayed here over Christmas period! My flatmate too! She’ll be demanding why with puffy cheeks if I leave out credits to her hahaha.

Next up was on 29th. Loohzhen asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner – just the five of us girls together. But when I reached Pearl City with Tseyui, I knew they must be lying as Tseyui led me upstairs to the 2nd floor where the karaoke rooms are. Sure enough, I saw the birthday song on the TV screen through the door’s ‘window’ before entering. And here comes birthday song again! :D Plus the bag of present + card, which they stopped me from reading because the food was here. Thanks ying, for putting the food in my bowl or on my plate non-stop lol!

Naturally, they demanded me to sing solo since it was my birthday. Somehow the first song appointed was Leehom’s Yi Ran Ai Ni which should be Tseyui and Chiakhuan’s favourite song, not mine! But anyway, it was okay since I listened to it a couple of times at those two’s place. XD I didn’t know what songs to pick, kind of lost track of Chinese songs for years, so I ended up with 2 Fan Wei Qi’s songs someone picked. Shall be ‘revising’ Chinese songs lol.

21 years old!

It was overall an enjoyable night, and I’m glad to see everyone sing! That is, if Chiakhuan’s 2 lines count. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me, dear friends! My very first time spending birthday with Manchester friends, have always been celebrating with my hometown childhood groupie who were spread out across UK, +1 in NZ hehe (hugs to you all for punctually sending in birthday wishes! VERY punctual for YC; linda you need to stop falling asleep! :P). I had a memorable time nonetheless, and I’m really touched with the gifts!

Meet my new camera WHEEEEEE! :D The exact model I was aiming for Canon SX220 HS! At loss for words to express my gratitude to the big bunch of wonderful friends who made this possible!

The cutest camera case ever (;

Cards <3

Toying with new camera teehee!

Thanks Huayu sis for the lovely clipboard, love it! (: And thanks to all the people whose names are on the green card!

Thanks to Rebecca for meeting up in the afternoon – was great to see you again after so long! Wonder if you still have the pic we took after the performance at Imperial last time heheh, can’t find it. God’s grace be upon you as you move on with your studies! Let’s go to Giant Causeway together when I go to Ireland…someday. :D

Tseyui, me and Rebecca at the cosy Sugar Junction!

A classic hot cup of chocolate on a cold rainy day. Heavenly.

Satisfied me with the Coronation Chicken sandwich and Salmon+Potato Quiche. :D


So there goes my 21st birthday. Although the weather was extremely dreadful, I would say the worst battle against rain and wind I had whilst walking on the streets in UK…as my poetic friend listening to La Vie en Rose said, “Let that tear not deter you for there is rainbow after tears”. There might not be a rainbow literally splashing some colours across the dull skies but it can always be a metaphor, like tears is, if you like. A rainbow could be anything that brings a smile to one’s face or simply something that make people slow down their pace momentarily for a break.

I hope I’ll grow to be a better person in faith and in character, wishing you the same too! I’ll be back with my new year post asap. ;)