Half the year gone.

There goes time again, bringing me over with the 1st semester of this year without any free time to blog – Coursework after coursework, plus labs and the lovable design project. Could hardly find time to sit back and space out and let my brain stop thinking for a while cause it works even when I’m asleep, since I have dreams every night. A few nights ago I had this interesting reality-dream jumble-up – my phone alarm ringtone was ringing while I was sleeping. I could hear it in my dream and so the people in my dream were checking their phones; I myself was holding my phone in my hand and I thought it can’t be mine for it is not ringing. Only when the ringing continued on and everyone was looking around for the sound source did I eventually woke up and realized it IS my phone.

As busy as the semester was, it was fulfilling too. I must thank God for the perseverance He has given me, although I admit I do falter occasionally. (Time for New Year resolutions?) I am wondering if I should go into my Thanksgiving talk now or at the end of the year hahah, guess I should leave it until then!

Amidst rushing to do my labs, I went to Nottingham on 12th November to meet up with my A-level friends. The weather was wonderfully sunny that day, praise the Lord! It felt good to be on the train travelling somewhere, rumbling past views of sheep grazing on yonder green hills.

I still wish I can experience living in a countryside farm one day! To be honest I think this is what too much Enid Blyton and classic tales did to me hahah.

Finally we all get to meet up in UK! :D

The prettiest insect! It’s always intriguing to see it crawl and spread its wings and fly!

Semester went into full speed mode soon after the Nottingham trip as Design Project kicked in. I was debating if I should go for the SF retreat camp this year which is the last weekend of the semester. The fact that the deadline for our appraisal deadline was the last Wednesday of the semester made me decided against attending initially. But reminding myself that it would probably be less possible for me to go next year, and that there is no new task for the Design Project in the last week apart from compiling, I went in the end!

And how grateful I am that I went! (: Anna from The Message gave us great talks about our identity in Christ!

God created such a beautiful place for us to live in didn’t He?

The Christian centre in Slaithwaite is a most interesting building! The main hall has a swing attached to the high ceiling and the flats are so cottage-like! Love it.

Kah Peng told us there would be snow and flying reindeers. But hmm, this was the most I saw – taken in the morning on the 2nd day!

In fact, Manchester has not been snowing much this year, or should I say, UK. Last year it snowed in November but it is now nearing the end of December and it only snowed a little one morning! Not complaining since the snow makes the roads dirty and slippery but I still wish for a white Christmas! ;P

An early Merry Christmas to you in case I don’t blog again before Christmas! (: Remember that Christmas is the birth of Christ Jesus our Saviour, sent down to Earth by our Heavenly Father to cleanse us from our sins! Hallelujah!