Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.

The topic caught my eye and I thought it’s fun so..there you go!

1990: I only lived for 3 days this year.

1991: This has to be the year I received the most comments saying I’m cute. I guess.

1992: I was screaming in a model helicopter ride and laughing at sharks in Sentosa during the Singapore trip.

1993: My last year of being young but free from studying and working?

1994: I started making friends in kindergarten!

1995: I threw tantrums during noontime because I didn’t want to go for the afternoon kindergarten.

1996: Teacher Shirley (my kindergarten & tuition teacher) was always correcting my slanted writing posture. I remember I was sad cause my sister and I had to leave the tuition farewell party early. I think I didn’t get to eat the ice lollies.

1997: I quarelled with Yeeching in our Primary 1 class over some seat issue..something to do with the sunshine?

1998: I started wearing specs.

1999: I fainted for the first time after being caned. (Wasn’t even my fault! ): )

2000: I was baptized!

2001: I shook hands with cucumber Jane and started ‘ganging’ up with the other three…we need a full attendance sleepover reunion someday!

2002: I visited the prettiest place I’ve seen in Asia so far – Hangzhou, China…experienced the first winter in my life.

2003: I went to CH at 5.00am+ on the 1st day, in the dark. (We were crazy huh)

2004: I saw our country’s Prime Minister Dr.M in real person in short distance for the first time.

2005: Before PMR – busy studying; after PMR – busy with school magazine & ’06 orientation – in school all day long.

2006: Busiest year ever with co-curricular stuff, perhaps most camps in a year too?

2007: Crazy SPM year, had to stop ballet classes. (The last of memorizing Sejarah and Nilai-nilai!) Ohh I conquered the Great Wall of China!

2008: I joined the city’s orchestra. (:

2009: Finished A-levels and first stepped foot upon UK!

2010: I realized how scary kids nowadays are from teaching at a primary/sec-school tuition.

2011: I greeted the beginning of the year with awfully sore feet, watching fireworks from a hotel room in Berlin.

Writing this post is like doing a flashback of my own life. But I can’t remember much about 1994 and before…Still, I’m grateful for too many things that happened all these years. This year itself, has been really meaningful to me. Like what Pastor Kim said, our relationship with God is a very ‘personal’ thing. He’s my Saviour, the one and only! He knows the number of hair on my head and he knows the best for me. (;

“But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions — it is by grace you have been saved.”
– Ephesians 2:4-5 –