hello again rainy city

Manchester at night (:

Three whole weeks without Internet in my apartment. Luckily my flatmate has a SG II which I can use to tweet occasionally hehe! And of course, thanks to Tseyui’s and Chiakhuan’s Internet too! (: And so, along with the help of story books, I managed to pull through the weeks!

I thank God for letting me arrive safe and sound in Manchester after taking flights, bus, underground and train. Carrying my luggage up and down the stairs in underground stations was brilliant exercise for me…but I guess once is enough. (: Totally felt way too warm when I boarded the train to Manchester. Luckily a lady kindly helped me with putting my luggage onto the compartment. My arm was running out of energy..couldn’t even lift the luggage up already.

I had a free week before Uni actually started. Plenty of activities and outings to keep me occupied though. My timetable for this semester is bearable (if we just put courseworks aside first), except for Monday which is simply horrifying! Lectures from 9 to 11, 1 to 5. Fortunately we’ve got a most talkative and humorous lecturer for the 3 hours lecture module in the afternoon or we’ll probably all be snoring away.

It’s wonderful to see everyone back here, including meeting new friends who are in Manchester for the first time! Come to think of it, I really need to appreciate you all dearly these 2 years because time passes so fast and before we know it, we might have to say goodbyes already. D:

Sushi as appetizer for SF’s Social Night! Was an enjoyable night of chatting with Pastor Kim and wife, bullying our almost frustrated waiter Adam, playing games and simply being with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the house of God!

Lunching at Samsi Express – our favourite hangout cause it’s the cheapest! :D With Tseyui, Mon, Loohzhen and Ying during the first week of uni if I’m not mistaken.

Sending Chiakhuan’s mum off at the coach station the day before she left. Thanks for the dinners, aunty! And also the very homemade lunch! Glad to meet you and we look forward to your visit again during Easter! (I’ll never forget Buffalo rice pots and cookers lol XD)

Jozee, Suhaib, Tseyui and I at Patisserie Valerie! A big thanks to Jozee’s mum for the high tea which fully occupied my tummy capacity! Hope you have a relaxing trip around Europe! I shall not post the pictures of the tarts, cakes, scones and profiteroles here in case you start drooling…(tbh I don’t have any pics, let’s hope Tseyui posts them hehe)

Happyyyy 21st birthday my similar-tastebud friend Chiakhuan! Hope you enjoyed your birthday that day! Thanks for bathing so long…if not our surprise might have failed! :P Have another blessed year ahead and don’t stress yourself out too much! By the way, New Look’s 20% discount is ending on 17th, faster go use your gift card haha!

So yeah, somehow I’ve been back here for almost a month! Except for long lectures, time has been zooming past. Wasn’t it not long ago that I was trying to treasure my time left in Miri? O__O Now I’m battling dreadful weather in this rainy city already. The sunny days from the previous week certainly didn’t last long..(not like they ever did) – 2 days from sunny day playing games in the park, the temperature dropped to a single digit and the sunshine turned into never-ending rain, crazy wind and even little hailstorms. Don’t you hate wet shoes and wet clothes and…looking for a new umbrella because the wind destroyed the old one? X.X

Anyway, introducing the frozen yogurt Yo-Fro in Arndale! This one with Oreo toppings! :D There’s a new bubble milk tea stall too.. Delightful changes over the summer wheeee!!