Waiting and waiting and waiting!

I guess Tony Fernandez must be making lots and lots of money. LCCT is bustling with people all through the night! I thought it would get a bit more quiet during the wee hours but no, the chattering and shuffling of footsteps carried on nonstop as I sat in Marrybrown shivering. In a way I am thankful that my 1st flight was delayed or I’ll be waiting even longer there. Sleeping was difficult. I tried to clutch handbag, backpack and luggage altogether as I slept in case someone else take them away whilst I doze off. It felt uncomfortable sleeping in such an open space anyway, so I woke up quite a lot.

Somehow I managed to get past the 5 hours. Had chicken porridge at 4am to warm up my body…to fill my growling stomach as well. X) Porridge digest too fast – I’m so so hungry again!! It’s 7am now. If I’m not wrong, I was the 1st passenger to check in for my flight haha! I was scrunching my face at the check-in counter for my London flight which has no staff behind the counter. The next second, the guy at the adjacent counter for a flight to Tianjing was asking me to check in over there. Oops. Scrunched face caught right in action I bet. =P Anyway, no harm. I came through to departure hall early. And made a fool out of myself queueing up for the wrong flight. I wanna sleeeeep on a bed!!!

Ooooh the sun has risen already (: Actually it looks rainy outside lol. Still, it’s a brand new day! Hope no delays, pretty pretty please!

xx 7:16 AM at LCCT xx
17th Sept 2011