Holidays to an end.

3 days from now, I had be in the airport departure room or on the plane, waiting for take-off. Bon voyage to all friends who are about to fly back to wherever you’re studying at! I’m feeling so reluctant to leave home, to leave Miri…family and friends, the food…I think maybe even the weather. I had been using reverse psychology on my own brain when I feel like the heat is burning me – I think of the times in Manchester when we hurried home as fast as our legs could carry us because the cold seemed to seep into our bones. With that, the heat will suddenly get much more bearable. We need to appreciate the warmth of our tropical climate right? X) I shudder to imagine getting out of the 13.5 tog duvet in cold mornings. Don’t we all hate doing that?

Anyway, this is meant to be a short post. Just leaving a ‘footprint’ in my blog today lol. Thought of posting a bit of the pictures I finaaaally transferred into my laptop so here are some of the ‘no-more’ stuff after flying back to UK. Saaad.

No more relaxing views while exercising at gym. Eg., watching kids have swimming lessons. No more sweaty badminton sessions either. )):

No more crisp sound of wind chimes to be heard.

No more teasing-of-Mimi – the lazy silly but lovable dog next door.

Will continue in sorrow next time after settling down in Manchester haha. My eyelids are shutting down for the day, it seems. Could hardly type any further…