Summer flashback

I thought I had better try to revive my blog before no one bothers to even come check for updates, or worse, forget about its existence! D: It has been slightly over one month since I came back from UK.

Summer holidays is true to its name indeed, because the weather is grilling hot most of the time. Earlier this morning, I was doubtful about today’s weather forecast which reads “Thunderstorm” when the sky outside was as clear and blue as ever. I reminded myself that the weather can change as it pleases, like in Manchester. But time proved my first theory right, because it’s 5p.m now and the sunshine has been awfully persistent the whole day.

Despite the heat, I must say I had a splendid time back here. Badminton/gym time, the many random moments spent with vh&linda (maybe aunty too ;P), outings with ch/rit friends, violin&harp classes, church camp etc… and of course, time with family&cousins. It’s joyful meeting up with everyone and seeing how we’ve grown. (= And I realized my cousins are all so tall, gosh! Maybe we have the tall genes? Lol.

Due to my faulty memory card, I can’t transfer pics from my camera yet and I left the USB cable in Manchester. So please make do with these few pics here taken either by my phone or by someone else lol.

Sorry about the small size! ;P

Miri beach! One of our favourite hangouts because it’s simply so beautiful. God’s work is magnificent indeed! I think I need to go to the beach again. This time, with shorts, slippers and camera. Should we wait for you to come back, yc?

A visit to RIT with tseyui (: Heartwarming that the aunties and uncles working in the canteen still remember us..will pray for your health, uncle! The renovated canteen is pretty big but no more air-cond now. X) Fun talking with Mr.Koh, Miss Winnie and Dr Lee! They are still chatty&funny like before hahaha! Shhh. The marketing office part..let’s skip it…right sis? XD Thanks for the bribery gifts though, Richard! And nice knowing the ALS May 2010(?) class, lol!

Meeting the ngong family at Petronas Rojak, Silverspoon…(see you at UK, suyi&vivian! I’ll try to go to Nottingham Games!) Attending Winnie’s sister’s wedding. Wishing a blessed and blissful marriage life to the newlyweds! :D

On the downside, I have only ten days left before embarking on my long journey back to Manchester. TEN days D: *refuses to accept the fact* Departure sounded rather far away all the while, up till 1st Sept when I suddenly felt that it’s just round the corner. So now I’m trying to make the most out of my remaining days in Miri. Am I wasting my precious time blogging?? D:

*Quickly hits the ‘Publish’ button!*