More of UK – NCMY

PEEK-A-BOO! :P I was simply too bored. Plus it’s cute isn’t it? I want one too when I graduate hahaha. (Better work harder first ><) So after my parents came to UK, I bade goodbye to my sister’s place where I’d been staying for around 2 weeks. Before I forget, let me explain the acronym in the post’s title. NCMY is actually just Nottingham, Chatsworth, Manchester & York. Simple as that lol!

The typical full English breakfast! Bacon, sausage, baked beans, fried egg, tomatoes, fried toast. This one lacks a black pudding and mushroom but I can’t take black pudding anyway hehe. Just in case you’ve not heard of it, black pudding is like blood sausage..animal blood mixed with fat, onion, barley, chestnuts etc.

The morning before leaving Nottingham, we went to the park just next to the University so my mum can have a look. Plenty of duckies around to welcome us! I thought I saw identity tags on their legs but somehow I can’t see them in this pic.

It was drizzling one moment and all sunny one moment. Driving people crazy!


Reached Chatsworth where Pride and Prejudice was filmed! Mr Darcy’s big beautiful house with the gardens and grounds. This little boy playing with the horse sculpture is so cute! Maybe he’s wondering, “Why doesn’t this horse move or kick??” X) If he knows that’s a horse, that is.

Loots of tempting English home deco items on sale at the shops. My mum must be wishing for two things: 1. the price is in RM and not GBP ; 2. she has unlimited baggage weight for our flight home.

A pretty pink rose. (: As delicate as ever.

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ” — Hans Christian Andersen.

I just realized I put Manchester into my title for nothing cause I didn’t take much meaningful photos there since i LIVE there lol. It was a disastrous journey to my apartment when we drove back from Aldi near Hulmes though. (Thanks to the GPS! ><)  Somehow we ended up driving on the TRAMway and over to Salford even. In the end we just drove on our own senses with me craning my neck trying to see where we are lol. So be careful with the GPS, there was this news article reporting that a couple in Taiwan or somewhere ended up at the edge of a cliff  at night while using the GPS. Thank God they already slowed down the car cause the road looked weird.

Anyways, we walked around a bit the next morning and ate crayfish noodles and pumpkin soup(which is amazing!) at EAT. Returned my story books at the City Library and borrowed Scotland guide books. X) Then we were on our way to historical York!

Dark skies and heavy rain on the road as we drove towards York, 60 miles North East of Manchester. But luckily it wasn’t raining itself in York. And we had a most cosy B&B welcoming us! I think I mentioned the free flow of milk and tea and coffee in the reception area downstairs? (: I had fun going down to refill milk in the flask! What’s more, our room has 2 DOUBLE beds and 1 single bed, and guess who snagged a double bed to herself *cackles*.

Lots of mirrors around the entrance hall and lounge!

7 minutes stroll by the riverside and cutting through a park, we reach…the Clifford Tower! It looks as if it’s located in the countryside on the hills but noope! This structure, which is part of York’s Royal Castle, is in the town area. In fact, I think it’s sitting on a roundabout hill.

Thought this scene looked interesting hahah! Never seen cyclists queueing at traffic lights like that.

The infamous Betty’s Tea Rooms! Unfortunately we were in a hurry to go to Yorkminster so all I did was popped in and looked around wistfully at the scrumptious cakes and scones placed nicely on porcelain plates.

York’s really beautiful in a traditional old-English way. The culture is quite well-preserved here and it’s enjoyable walking down the streets looking at the old shops’ window displays.

Finally we arrived at Yorkminster – an iconic attraction of York! It’s the largest Gothic cathedral of its kind in Northern Europe. I was worried that it’d close for the day already when we reach but thankfully it was still open! (:

Just a small part of the interior. Guided tours and visiting beyond those booths are available if you buy the entrance tickets. I know someone who should reaaaaally come have a look at these magnificent architecture! (;

A mirror was placed somewhere in the middle of the chamber, perhaps to prevent visitors from getting sore necks in attempts to look clearly at the ceiling or window art works.

Another highlight of York is this – The Shambles! I’m glad I took this pic because it saves me from explaining hahaha!

If you’re an avid HP fan, perhaps you’ll recognize this place! They filmed the Diagon Alley scenes right here! See those buildings jutting out? In my fading memory of the scene in the movie, that’s where the boy with the scar went to when his Floo powder trip malfunctioned.

Lovely window displays! Pretty cottage look decos <3

Peanut brittles! I’d love to take a big bite.

River Ouse! York’s so peaceful, perfect for filming a romantic English movie. (;

The bridge across River Ouse at sunset.

Dinner at O’Neil’s. I can’t remember what pie it is already but I remember it tasted good!

Irish Lamb Stew. Brilliant stuff! Nothing beats a hot dinner after a tired day.

In the well-tended backyard garden of our B&B! We chatted with this Newcastle couple who’ve lived in Kota Kinabalu before lol. And they were expressing their astonishment at how brave locals ran across the 6 lanes highway near KK! HAHAHAH! :D This is what happens in a country where the government don’t build much walkways/pedestrian crossings or bridges since people generally DON’T walk to destinations under the lovely scorching sun. But I guess sometimes the impatient dashing across the road is simply for a cup of ‘kopi-o’ or a bowl of mee kolok at the kopitiam. Say hello to Malaysians! ;D

Shall stop here – NOT fun inserting pictures one by one into the post! X) Next up is a stunning placeee! Stay tuned~