At home (:

Back in Home Sweet Home! The weather here is so hot and humid! I can’t remember Miri being this hot usually. Or have I been ‘chilling’ in UK for too long…Summer in UK seems to be somewhat chilly, maybe even cooler than during the sunny Easter days.

Whatever the weather here is, it still feels awesome to be home! Especially after a very happening week in UK. All I can say is God is great. Knowing that He’s always there for us to put our hope and trust in. Psalms 32:18 — The Lord watches over those who obey him, those who trust in his constant love. Praise to God forever and ever!

Amidst my hurry in packing to go home, I forgot to bring back the USB cable which allows me to transfer pics from my camera to laptop. Clearly, my pics hate being copied to my laptop because problems never stop popping up to prevent it from happening! Therefore, I am now unable to upload any recent pics in Malaysia; but fortunately the UK pics are all safely in my laptop already bwahahahah!

As said in my previous posts, I stayed in Nottingham for quite a while until my parents arrive for my sister’s graduation. Managed to get around a bit and familiarize myself with the pleasant town.

The picture speaks for itself quite clearly — Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. The Oldest inn in England.

“In tyranny lies only failure” — Robin Hood.

Tamatanga! An Indian restaurant where my sister and I had lunch on her birthday.

I’ve actually listed what we ate already in one of my posts but now I have the pics heheh! This is Mango Lassi.

Palak Gosht. (Had to refer to my old post lool!) It’s lamb.

On the day of my cousin’s graduation, my uncle and aunty took us out for dinner as well at Roundhouse together with my cousins. (: Just like the name suggests, the place is indeed round! I had Chicken and Mushroom Pie, as shown above. It doesn’t look big here but it really was HUGE.  (No complains XD)

An all time favourite – Fish and Chips.

Salmon and something fishcakes. It kind of tastes like Takoyaki – the Japanese octopus balls! Ohgeez I so wanna eat that now!!

Outside The Roundhouse! Congratulations again to wandkey on graduating! :D

I’ll post this little bit for now. X) That’s a sneak peek of my new room in the apartment! Look forward to the no-more-kitchen-sharing life in the coming year haha! But I hope the riots in UK will ebb out as soon as possible before more harm is caused.