Into Scotland

I finally set foot in another country of the United Kingdom apart from England! Scotland is, as expected, very beautiful, as we drove through undulating moors and passed by the calm blue sea with white tides rolling towards the shoreline slowly.

There was this power plant by the coastal area which looks interesting. At first sight from afar I thought it is some luxurious villa or resort. As we approached nearer and nearer, it doesn’t seem to be the case. A road sign revealed that it is a power plant, leading to our further discussions that concluded it is probably a nuclear plant. Curious, I googled it up and Bingo! It really is one – Torness Nuke Nuclear Power Plant. This news article even reported that it was closed on 30th June(less than a month ago) due to swarms of jellyfish clogging the water filters. Lool.

After reading about the wind turbines in UK, I catch sight of them at last. The first two were in England, before we crossed over the border. One was rotating quite slowly whilst the other one was simply stationary. O__O Low efficiency much?

And this! Not very healthy for the planet…First and only one I came across in UK.

It took us 4 hours plus to get from our previous stop, Whitby, to Edinburgh, detouring into Alnwick town halfway thanks to a sudden diversion due to road works. Seeing the apartment we’re staying in currently is a comfort though, cause it is huge! My sister claims that it must be helping Next advertise since its appliances and furniture seems to be from there, even the toaster.

Bedroom my sister and I share. I bet chiakhuan would love this wardrobe to bits.

A lovely welcome basket with bread, biscuits, jam, crisps etc. :D

Anyhow, time to go explore the city already, trip details in future posts! :P