A day in Nottingham

Please don’t blame me for this picture-less post. I took nice photos, I really did… Explanation at end of post. T__T


The more I see, the more I find Nottingham a pleasant place. It fits more of the English town impression embedded at the back of my brain from reading Enid Blyton and other children story books. Come to think of it, Lancaster, Arnside, Oxford are all kind of similar too. It’s just Manchester and London that are city-ish in an un-English-traditional way. Fortunately there is cheaper dim sum or food to compensate for it.

My sister and I decided to walk on foot to the city centre today. We passed through plenty of residential streets and also trotted alongside the Beeston Canal. I like the little houses facing the canal at the back, with a cosy secluded garden that has rose bushes hanging over the fence top. The balconies lined with colourful pansies and allysums in plant boxes or hanging baskets are absolutely lovely. Would have loved to take a pic but thought better of possibly invading the residents’ privacy. X)

It took what felt like 30mins to reach Nottingham Castle and on the way I came across the statue of Medieval times hero outlaw Robin Hood!He reminds me of shooting apples on top of people’s head. As we turned around the corner, we were greeted by a closed castle entrance. Pfft. Closed on Mondays.

Anyway, thanks to Disney’s Robin Hood production, I always have an impression that the castle associated has a murky moat around the walls, where the great wooden bridge will be drawn up by the crinkling iron chains at night. XD I feel like re-watching Robin Hood cartoon! It is the cartoon I repeated watching the most, i.e. the same tape cause that was the one of the few tapes ‘available’ at my mum’s office when I was a kid, brought there by my cousins. I remember the other 2 tapes were a Pokemon one and a Safety Awareness one from Shell LOL.  

Conclusion? Disney cheated me. There was no moat and no bridge. But the heavy doors were closed sturdily so I can’t get in to explore!! No pics of Nottingham views from high. ):

On the bright side, it means we get to eat earlier since our next destination is…Tamatanga! An urban Indian restaurant. Day to splurge a little for it is my sister’s birthday heheh! Happy birthday to you~

What we had:
– Mango lassi.
– Passionfruit juice.
– Homestyle curry chicken – “just the way your grandpa would make it” – says the menu.
– Palak Gosht. – tender lamb chunks infused with garlic spinach. 

Both the dishes were great. For UK, the price seems reasonable – the offer was £6.00 for set of main dish and drink. :D Recommended if you go to Nottingham and feel like having a nice bowl of curry with rice! Ohh, but the offer is only until 6pm and excludes weekends + bank holidays I think.

After a satisfying meal, it was time for groceries! We loitered around Waitrose and puzzled over reduced-price wine. Then in Tesco metro, EVERYTHING in the freezers had to be thrown away because their freezers broke down in the middle of the night yesterday. I couldpn’t stop saying what a pity it was!! We were debating whether to approach the staff and ask if we could take the to-be-thrown-away ice cream, standing there looking at them dumping the new ice-cream series Choc-a-blok or something into big black plastic bags. Trolleys and trolleys of the black bags filled with defrosted goods. SUCH A PITY!! Still can’t get over it. Why not sell them off at reduced prices? I’ll be happy like a lark!

Brr. We are regretting now for not asking the staff. ): I’m still on a dessert-crave-marathon!

My day outing ended pretty embarassingly nevertheless. Being an unexperienced bus-card user, I scanned the card at the scanner for passengers who just got on. The bus driver gave me an equally confused look which I gave my sister when she pointed the correct scanner to me. I must be as blind as a bat to walk pass it ignorantly. The worst thing is the card’ll be charged twice PLUS extra cause I scanned it twice, and I scanned it on the got-on scanner without scanning it off first. T__T Ohh the frustration of wasting money because of stupidity!

I’m gonna watch Disney’s Robin Hood now to cheer myself up.

It’s my habit to finish writing up the draft before uploading photos and I just found out my laptop cannot detect my memory card!! 2 weeks ago it crashes when I insert it. That was solved. Now this! Can’t really do anything other than methods involving cash outflow! ): Ohgeeeez I’m heartbroken. No, not even Robin Hood can cheer me up. SNIFF.