chocolate banana cake

That’s how lazy I am to think of a better title.

Finally got a chance to test out the oven in my new apartment. It doesn’t look much different from the one we used to have back in Weston Hall apart from the missing three buttons that has something to do with timer etc. But it is not a big deal at all, because we have always been keeping an eye on the time ourselves. Forget and the wisp of burnt smell will come hint at you. Or if it’s not your day, you may get a shattered oven door like I did last year – though I was (still am) pretty sure temperature and time length were both in safe range.

My journey of baking my chocolate banana bread cake was not very smooth. To begin with, I forgot to bring my pendrive with me along to the library which was 20 mins walk away at least. That was the day I left behind my earphones as well. It only struck me when I sat down on the chair in front of the computer. No vids, show or drama watching. Luckily, I still had pen and notebook in my bag so I started copying ingredients list and recipe.
I planned to bake yesterday, but then I realized I forgot to buy a new measuring jug as my old one went missing in Weston. Plan delayed to today. There were only 3 eggs left and my sister asked me if I need any for baking before she boils two. I checked my list and replied no. Unsurprisingly, my eyes must have been playing tricks with me again as usual because I found out later on I misread. I needed 2 large eggs but I only had 1 miserable little egg left. My sister laughed at me and told me to bake half first. I agreed and proceeded to take the egg out of the fridge. Just as she was commenting on how careless I am, my hand slipped and WHACK. My miserable little egg had a bad accident with the hard laminated wood floor. Its shell was too thin to take the force and broke. Somehow we cracked up laughing.

My sister offered to grab eggs from Spar since she wanted a walk and I gladly accepted the offer whilst clearing the remains of miserable little egg. Then I managed to gobble up some John Grisham before she came back with 6 happy eggs. No chocolate chips though – another thing I missed.
End of the day, the supposed-to-be-bread cake turned out quite yummy, although it did not raise enough to have a bread-like texture. Maybe it would be better if I used both baking powder and baking soda (: Anyway, I love how the heavenly smell of something baking escapes from the oven into the air all around it. Simply wonderful.

Chocolate banana cake, anyone? :D

Written on 3rd July
P.S. Supposed to have clicked Publish but somehow didn’t? Just realized it was still a draft. Fail.