Summer tales

My camera memory card screwed up again so no photos for the time being. ):

It’s literally more than a month since I last updated gosh. First it was exams – that you can’t say anything against me! After that, usual case of laziness lol. Busy moving things at the start of holidays but lately just more tempted to watch dramas and videos or read books. Anyway, the days of doing nothing but studying, eating, bathing and sleeping are over for now! Though for that last paper, I felt like I abandoned my bed at night for nothing cause the questions were simply OUT of my capability! Oh Dr PG, you even set them with a negative-marking scheme mindset. If not for the removal of that scheme, we’ll all be swimming in the negative world.

To add to the depression of studying Momentum(the last paper), my agent called to say that our apartment was withdrawn by the landlord! So loohzhen and I had a chaotic time frantically hunting for another apartment. Luckily God always has his plans set for us – glad to say that I’m now comfortably sitting in my new apartment! Will take pics for you another time heheh, storage stuff still lying around at the moment…

Life has been a bit of change these days. Friends have flown home. It was a 50-50 feeling sending them off at Piccadilly. Felt happy for them about going home and reconciling with their families. The other half is my solitary life, to state the obvious. Which was spent mostly in front of my laptop. Browsed and skipped through lots of drama…watching only a few properly and laughing at the impossible scenes. The weather had been half-sunny half-rainy, but it just had to rain so heavily on the day I move out of Weston Hall. Flexistore just had to come in the morning instead of afternoon and the driver had to call for directions to Montana House. I underestimated the time I needed to move my necessities and food over so I was hurrying to and fro like crazy. So were my flatmates hahah! One tiring day it was.

Without Internet access, I had been devouring story books, from chic flits or whatever you call them to crime novels. I must thank the city library so much for saving me from indescribable boredom, although I think you need a much much bigger collection of books. Only a few books from each author…meaning no one can find everything from his/her favourite writer! Anyway, so I was happily snuggled in bed one night reading an exciting chapter of a Jack Reacher when Vodafone texted me about my mobile number being changed on that day. It put me on alert straightaway and I jumped out of bed thinking what I should do with no Internet to check my account online and no banks opened at 10pm. With only Sherene replying to say she’ll be back after her dinner at Taiwu, I trudged out in the rain to just check my current account at an ATM. It was comforting to see normal figures and I ended up buying a bit of pastries for breakfast the next day from Sainsbury! :D Reached home to receive Peihau’s reply but I was too lazy to walk out again, thanks a lot for the help and advice all the same! Clearly my mind was kind of damaged by the scare though, cause I actually left my keys hanging in the keyhole outside my door the whole night, putting aside the fact that I didn’t even locked the door from inside. Only the next morning when I was about to go out did I realize it and understood it wasn’t my hallucination that someone was pressing the buzzer and talking outside my apartment door. Thanks, neighbours who tried to help! I demonstrated my absent-mindedness without even meeting you yet.

Pheeew. Sitting here and typing leisurely while listening to the rainfall outside is quite fun but I’m not sure about the fun of you reading this lengthy mumbles of mine. So I guess I’m calling it a post and go off for a shower because my sister looks very comfortable using her laptop on the sofa after showering. Besides…it’s 9.30pm. Not very far from my new bedtime. ;)