a bit of music

Hot Welsh cakes drizzled with honey! Unrelated to post topic but I’m seriously craving for desserts helplessly!! Need to buy sweet stuff tomorrow T__T

Homemade banana crumble with vanilla ice-cream. (; can’t wait to have our own kitchen next year woohooo!


I had a fruitful evening hunting for music scores online! XD It actually began with Kyu watching Secret all started with “Dandelion Promise” from Secret. Thanks to maple who mentioned that there IS a song for violin from the movie and Henry once played it. So I looked for it and of course, I won’t just stop with one music score. Just like downloading songs, I do these things in batches from time to time hahah! Got a bunch in the end and had fun for some hours before I finally put my violin away. *gulp*stunted progress of MLP essay* D:

Just to share some songs!

“Passion” from Beethoven Virus! :D

John Denver’s “Perhaps Love”. I didn’t know electric violin could sound so nice until I heard her playing it!

Yiruma’s “Chaconne” live. It’s nowhere near Kiss The Rain but still, it’s wonderful. (:

Okey dokes. It’s dinneeeer time!