Lake District

The trip started off with a close call to missing the train. Belinda had to renew her railcard but the queue for the service counters was extremely long..forgot that 9.00a.m-ish is a busy peak hour time. >< So, few minutes from train departure time and we were still frustratedly staring at the officer slowly copying details onto the new card, though I meekly told him we were actually in a hurry to catch the train. We just kept nodding our heads vigorously and said “YES, okay, understood!!!” when he was explaining about the railcard at the end. Once done, we literally ran to the far away Platform 13.

Thank God the train was still there when we reached, though it was past the scheduled time already. Teehee.

Our first plan – to get to Orrest Head. Thanks to the tourist information centre guy who was really friendly and helpful!

Almost at the top! After less than half an hour’s walk/climb up the hills.

The view was pitifully, quite misty so the lake couldn’t be seen clearly. The 360 degrees view of surrounding greens was lovely though. (:

Linda and I on the romantic bench! X)

Sitting down on the grass under the sunny sky with occassional breezes was relaxing, at the same time eye-ing people’s sandwiches and crisps. I also took a picture for this lovely couple(who praised my photo of them :D) who are really amiable! Turns out the girl is from Malaysia! And the guy, her husband, is from somewhere near Newcastle. It felt heartwarming to bump into people from your own country at such a place. Funny how we all ended up fantasizing char kuay teow hahahah!

The open-top bus ride to Ambleside, a little town north of the lake, was greeat! Wind blowing in my face(in a comfortable way) and plenty of sceneries. Gotta beware of cherry tree branches sticking out though lol.

Homemade strawberry jam in a chocolate shop. Looks so delicious!

Ambleside is quite nice, just that there are too many cars!! Dislike, dislike. (Only the town centre luckily)

Lunch of veggie burger and chips/fish and mushy peas; Off to next destination – the Stockghyll Force – a waterfall! It looks beautiful in the brochure.

Wild daffodils carpeting the woods.

Trees still awaiting for their leaves to grow.

Finally! But it was quite a disappointment! Perhaps it would be prettier if the water current was stronger~

Half of the waterfall, there’s another stretch of it beneath us lol. That’s why there’s a railing at the corner of the pic. ;)

On the way out of the woods, we came upon the wide stream – the same flow from the waterfall.

Couldn’t resist the temptation to take off our socks and shoes to stick our feet in the icy cold water and wade around in the water on the rocks. You can’t really get to do this in Malaysia without being bothered by mosquitoes attacks, you see.

On the way walking down to the lakeside from the town place where we failed in bitterness to find open ice-cream shops. Why can’t they work a bit lateer!!! ):

Cherry blossom tree in the park by the lake.

I love the cattails and misty background.

To prove that we were at the lake! XD (Credits to Jake for all the pics of Linda and I hahah!)

How great is our God…to create all these breathtaking nature.

Isn’t she beautiful? (:

Look closely and you’ll find that those little boats all have girl names on them. Photo’s not edited!!!

Due to time constraint – needa catch the bus back to Windermere, we rushed to Stagshaw Gardens and back in half an hour. More steep path climbing until I was out of breathe lol. This garden, apparently as old as Malaysia, is well-known for rhododendrons and azaleas etc. We got to see some but I think the flowers weren’t in 100% full bloom yet. Quite pretty though, and I spotted a bunny running across the path! :D

Last photo of Ambleside! Pink tulips grabbing the most attention whilst the lake lays humbly in the background.

I need to go see more nature in the countryside. Can’t stop loving it. (= Scotland, York, Wales…please wait for me! Someday…I’ll be there.

P.S. I’ll be uploading more pics from the trip onto Facebook so keep a lookout for it !