Nan Nook

Nan Nook is the woods in Wythenshawe Park south of Manchester city centre where we went for a MLP Challenge 2 days ago! Carol, one of our MLP coordinators drove us there in the purple van. I think this is the closest to nature I ever got to in Manchester these 2 years. Though we weren’t exactly working in a park, at least the woods were just right next to us lol. So what was our task for the day?

(Someone busy dealing with apartment that day XD) See those piles of brown stuff behind her? These are wood chips, soil scraps etc collected from the woods. Our job is to shovel them into wheelbarrows and push them all over to the other end of a field. Mind you, the shovels and wheelbarrows aren’t light either. ><

Nevertheless, we have the trailer as well! :D A much quicker way to ‘deliver’ the scraps over!

Meet Lucy! Adorable to the max!

I am quite certain that this day was the day I sweated the most since I first stepped foot onto England. Thanks to the over-abundant sunshine and hard work! :D We worked until 12.30p.m. before taking a break at the park’s cafe nearby.

Our pizza and chips. Along with garlic bread, brioche rolls and grapes. ;D

Took a stroll in the park where families were spending leisure days out.

A very excited George who was persistent about playing in the Bouncy Castle but we told him he’s gonna scare the kids off. XD

Beautiful Japanese cherry trees here and there…I cannot imagine how beautiful an avenue of cherry blossoms in full bloom will be in Japan!

With the tree! :D And tseyui of course!

Part of the path got shaded by the trees in the afternoon, thank goodness!

It was enlightening to see people walking their dogs! Got to see so many different breeds of doggies and play with them!

Little carpets of bluebells in the woods.

As Carol said, this is the kind of challenge where we wouldn’t really get to see an end result – because after a day of sweating, there are still mountains of the wood scraps waiting to be moved. Anyway, we were happy with what we did! (: