Catching up (Part 2)

26th March – Trip to Alton Towers

FIVE pounds including return transportation and entrance tickets – great deaal! Thanks Weston! =P

The bus ride to the theme park took almost 2 hours, a little longer than I expected, but we went through some pretty hilly sceneries so it was fine! Another unexpected thing was the weather. It was so terribly cold there that all four of us – Chiakhuan, Loohzhen, Tseyui and I were kind of shivering.

For the kids, obviously! Or if you’re tooo bored and feel like returning to your childhood without taking a time-machine. XD

Like everyone else, we queued up for the first interesting ride that entered our sight – Sonic Spinball. 4 person in one ‘spinball’ which rotates itself as it moves along the track, yeah like the Earth spinning as it moves around the Sun. XD We waited for almost 1 hour before we got to hop on the ride!

Someone started regretting as soon as our spinball took off from the platform though! Clambered upwards before zooming down and spinning around in all directions until you have no idea where is left right up and down. It was great fun still! =D

You can spot the Oblivion in the background! :D

Next ride is the ultimate THRILL! Loving it~ hahah! None other than the Oblivion – where the entrance warns – “For some things, there is no rational explanation. There is no way out. There is no happy ending to this story. Welcome to the unknown; welcome to eternal darkness; WELCOME…to Oblivion“. The queue was much shorter than Sonic and we didn’t have to wait for long…good thing about extreme rides haha! We very ‘fortunately’ got the front seats…(There’re only 2 rows). And before I knew it, we were heading off already – with me still worrying if my safety buckle was tightened already cause I didn’t know how it works XD. Chiakhuan ensured me it was fixed already…then she started getting scared herself as the car moved up the chain lift.

I was simply excited and trying to enjoy the sceneries from high, looking for Tseyui on the ground at the same time lol. Then we were at the top, suspended there and facing the ground for a few seconds. Next thing that came to my mind when the chain was let go and we flew down was – “The wind is soo strooong!!!” Yes, of course it was, we were racing down a 88.8 degrees track at 68mph into a black tunnel! It’s so fast you can’t even scream – according to Loohzhen and Chiakhuan!

At the top before it is released down! Some adrenaline fun, wheee! (Credits to Tseyui for the pic!)

Hot dog after Oblivion! Not mine though T T I was eating Oreos.

Rights, I’ll take ages if I go on describing every single ride I went on – Twirling Toadstool, Hex and Flume. Such a pity Thirteen which we were queueing for in the fast track broke down! I so want to try a roller coaster flying backwards! ;D And also Air where the roller coaster cars are hanging from the track so your legs are dangling in the air…interesting!

I wish I popped in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! Regret now..I think they have the Great Glass Elevator in there too!

Tseyui loves this ride so much that we went on it twice lol. No queues anyway! :P

The Flume! Sorry to Loohzhen for making her sit in front! XD The last thing I wanted was to get too wet because my teeth were already chattering! Hope you weren’t freezing from being wet after the ride keke.

I claimed this the best chocolate-banana pancake I ever eaten in my life lol! Perhaps I was just hungry but I HAVE to say it really is so yummy! Loohzhen and I had to quickly finish it up before we were allowed to enter the Sealife Aquarium though, which in my opinion is quite good for a theme park – with all kinds of queer fish I’ve never seen before, and also Nemo, starfish, eerie eels, transparent fishies, jellyfish, sharks blablabla.

The closed entrance of the Aquarium hahah! We were among the last visitors.

So go have a relaxing outing at Alton Towers if there’re any offers! =P Even if you’re not a roller-coaster person, the views are lovely, and there are plenty of gigantic plush toys, eg. the monkey in the banana plushie, to be won! Just make sure you bring along a friend who’s good at aiming hahah!

1st April – April’s Fool

For the 4th time, Yeeching came up to Manchester! I came to realize how widely loved is Manchester by a lot of Malaysians. Anyway, we had much quality time chatting and bickering and kicking..eating melted chocolate topping donuts and hot apple strudel. Saturday’s outing (with Yeeching’s friends over) was like WangWang (for bubble tea) – Pearl City (for dim sum) – Taps (for beer O_O not me!!) – Piccadilly Gardens (for enjoying the perfect sunny sunshine and cool breezes) – Red Chilli (for dinner). This is what you call…… “chillax”! Only on that day did I learnt that it is merged from “chill” and “relax” lol.

I wish I can post the photos I took with one of Yeeching’s friend’s DSLR but I haven’t managed to get hold of them! X) Sorry! I had a brilliant time toying with the camera though :D (I’ll chuck in the photos if I get them!)

8th April

The unlucky boy was on his way to the musical’s rehearsal at 5a.m. in Gwangju when a truck collided with their car, driven by his manager. Yet another accident for him, coincidently in April as well. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt badly, bruises, stitch-like scar and a bandage on his leg…can still walk without much assistance. Nevertheless, glad he looks very joyful, still, the next day at a MV shooting for some singing show’s theme song. Hope he give thanks to the Lord and be reminded how precious life is. (: