Catching up (Part 1)

In disbelief that Semester Two is almost over already. I acknowledge that time is passing by quicker than I can imagine but as much as I try to grab hold of it, it slips away before I manage to respond to it. It has been a busy yet rather fully utilized this semester, guess you can see that from how LITTLE i’ve been blogging. Both my blog and Twitter are almost lifeless now(though due to very different reasons lol).

I’m quite at a loss at what to blog about now actually – don’t know where to start with. I looked back at my previous posts and realize my last post related to my cheery events in life is during CNY, more than 2 months ago. I guess I’ll just depend on my not very updated table calendar to remind me of the more special events!

12th Feb – Manchester Games

I think I was doing the marks recording for Basketball in Hall A together with Tseyui, Chiakhuan and YeongChyn. We had this rather ‘cacat’ device whose antenna has to be pointed right at the scoreboard on the wall in order for the signal to be received. Being too nervous, I even made a stupid mistake of giving one of the teams an extra point in the first match. SCARY! But as time pass, we all got more familiar with the process and rules so things were better. (:

The referee is really hyperactive..he was practically zooming around the court. I wondered if he ran more than some of the players.

This is the 2nd runner up match between Titans and University of Warwick. I find both teams quite well-equipped with sportsmanship. (:

Though I’m not considered a basketball fan, but I’ve to say it was pretty interesting watching the matches. Manchester and Imperial battled into the final round, like always. Both sides were quite equal in terms of skills, judging by the fact that the points were soo close and the game had to be extended.

In the end, Imperial still managed to pin down the Champions title! By the way I recorded the last 5 mins of the game…tell me if you wanna watch the vid – I’m not posting it here cause my Media Library space is very precious! X)

9th March – Ash Wednesday

Season of Lent begins! I was almost late for the noontime Mass because of my sillyness! Like last year, I had to sit upstairs. God gave me a little lesson of kindness and self-control that day. I was sitting at one end of a long bench alone in the beginning, but later I saw people coming upstairs so I moved in kind of halfway or 3 quarters. This lady came next to me and told me to move in more sternly. I was squeezed in right to the very edge of the other end, sandwiched tightly between the armrest and the lady, compared to everyone else. There were another 2 girls who came to sit in the same row and they sat freely. This little displeased feel sneaked up in me and I even wondered if she did it to me on purpose. Anyway, I soon forgot about it as the mass proceeded and she shifted away a bit, giving me more space.

At the end of the mass, as I was about to kneel for prayers, the lady suddenly took hold of me and apologized to me about making me sit in such a squeezed position. She explained that she was afraid more people will be looking for seats, that it’d be very tiring for elderly people to stand through the whole mass and I would understand when I grow up. I was rather taken aback in surprise by her actions and words as I didn’t expect it at all. Smiling, I quickly reassured her it was alright, really and I understood her intentions. The “Sorry” and “It’s okay” conversation repeated a few times before she started to leave and we exchanged blessings.

Although it sounds like a pea-sized incident, it struck me hard. I felt a strong surge of guilt in me the very moment she offered her apologies. How could I have thought so selfishly? I figured she must have felt worse than me, perhaps throughout the mass, enough to spill out so much ”sorry’s” once the mass ended. Anyhow, it is good to see how God works to sort things out and remind me to have a loving heart at all times. (=

P.S. Giving up Twitter is definitely spacing out more time for me = more QT with God too! Praise the Lord!

19th March – SS3 Malaysia

:O Ohh rightssss I wasn’t there. Pfft.

(Part 2 of this post would be coming very sooon! =P)