Which part of life confuses you the most?

Little note: I seldom blog about topics unrelated to food and enjoyment I know, but I’m lacking in material of that genre – oops, I don’t mean life has been hellish, just that I didn’t take much pics or do anything special. Also, I thought I should spice up my blog a bit with something different so tadaa. I took a peep at the Post A Week challenge from WP to look for a topic.
So the question is – Which part of life confuses you the most?

To start with, I decided to do a little survey and gathered answers from some friends! Here are some answers I got:
– Why will people kill people?
– Why do my housemate and her boyfriend complain about each other behind their backs but act like they’re okay in front of me?
– Why is my patience so short?
– How do relationships work? How can friends/couples who used to be so close turn into enemies after a break-up?
– Why do people have different personalities?
(Thanks for your thinking efforts, contributors!)

For me, the first thing that hit my mind when I ponder on this question is, why are human beings still at war with each other today? This statement really do puzzle me a lot. History has been written in black and white – has it not shown to us that the pen is mightier than the sword? All those bloodshed as a consequence from battles between people, both in the past or in the 21st century…I believe that the results are totally not worth the countless lives lost, because most of the time, the root of war is still greed of power and riches. What is it exactly that makes terrorists leaders spend all their lives planning and launching terrible attacks? I find it unexplainable how they manage to do such inhumane things. I wonder if a terrorist experiences a second of hesitation before pulling the trigger to kill an innocent child.

Of course, there are a lot more other things in life that I question myself about. Like why do God let some good people die early? Or how did the inventors of all these electronic devices invented them in the first place? (Well I know I’ll never understand with my level of intelligence anyway =P) Why do we have moments of deja-vu? Why do people like to club and get drunk? How did our grandmothers give birth to over 10 kids? Why are junk food or fattening food often more appealing than healthy food? How did the striking similarities between JFK and Abraham Lincoln come to?

Life’s certainly full of mysteries the human brain cannot solve, and the human brain itself is an amazing mystery to me. (; You’re welcome to share a penny of thoughts!