Double Celebration

Though it’s already the 3rd day of Chinese New Year back in Malaysia, I hope it’s not too late to wish everyone reading my blog a very happy blessed Chinese New Year! May this year be filled with joy and love for you as always.

This time round, the 1st day of the Lunar New Year falls on a Thursday, unlike last year’s which was on a Sunday. Thus, Chinatown didn’t seem to have any big celebration of it going on. So Manchester is totally lacking of the New Year feel. We had our own little reunion dinner ourselves on New Year’s Eve this Wednesday, thought it had be too tiring to hold a big party like previously. Though it’s just 5 of us – Tseyui Chiakhuan Loohzhen Careena and I, we had a wonderful dinner of Chinese home food we cooked ourselves, okay, except for Careena’s Indian curry but it’s soo yummy anyway! :D

After dinner we cleared up the dishes straightaway and started eating the “sour-er” than normal mandarin oranges. Good job at Loohzhen for managing to finish up her orange with a face that looks as if she’s eating the most sour lemon on Earth, hahaha! Next it was time to devour our CNY cookies – kuih momo, orange cookies, coffee chocolate cookies etc. We baked them together over the past few nights with the accompaniment of drama and Monopoly cards lol. Anyhow, it was an enjoyable night ending with the endless Taboo game. (Speaking of which, we just played again on and on from last night till now. It’s 1.42am oops! XD I’ll just finish this post and hop into bed!)


So why the title “Double Celebration”? It’s the reason why I remember the date of first Lunar New Year day so clearly this year. Simply because…it was Kyuhyun’s birthday! XD You’re 23 now, act and look like one, will you! Glad you spent your birthday lazing and eating like a pig at home…and doing self-reflection. Yes you still have a long way to go, I shall look forward to your hard work in the future so move on in the light of God. (:

Happy birthday again, dorky singer. Look at my cookie! :D