Füssen. 02.

2nd day of the trip :: 29.12.2010

It was so comfortable to snug and stay warm under the duvet that I just hid underneath it, drifting in and out of dreams. The message from Iya sis in the wee hours of the morning reminded me what day it was (: (Thanks sis! Keep warm in snowy NJ~)

Our plan for the day was to travel south-west Bavaria for a visit to this magical fairytale-like castle – Neuschwanstein Castle. I’ll save the job of describing how nice it is for the photos to follow, though I must say that standing there with the castle and the sceneries right before your eyes is a totally different world of its own.

Okay, this picture above is edited, obviously. XD Just a ”teaser” pic for the post lol. Anyhow, because we were travelling in a big group, we managed to get cheaper train tickets whee! Then we took a brisk walk around the train station while waiting for the train. Popped into a greenhouse selling flowers.

Roses are red.

Roses are pink.

At the transit station. There was no need to worry about getting onto the wrong train etc because basically almost every passenger is a tourist heading to the castles.

A German local specialty – it’s like fruit cake.

I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s always white if you stare out of the train window, except if it’s night time of course.

My dreamy winter wonderland. I wished that the train could just stop and I can hop down to tread snow and roll around. God was listening. The wish came true the very next day, weell, kind of.

I couldn’t stop taking in the views outside.

Füssen is actually our train destination – the city nearest to the castles. From there, we took a short cab ride to the base of the mountains where Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein are located.

A restaurant building I think.

A hot dog for each of us :D Yuum.

Hohenschwangau Castle which we didn’t go cause I suggested buying the ticket for Neuschwanstein only. XD (8 Euros for one!! Can’t bear to!) We didn’t have time after all lol.

Halfway along the 40 min uphill climb to the castle. Everything’s so beautiful. Just be careful not to land your foot in smelly horse dung.

Crossing path with a mini waterfall.

Err…ice? Fine I’m just a macro freak.

Catch a rest here if you’re weary from the walking.

Sweet Bavarian snowballs! I <3 them! Not REAL snowballs of course, hahah. Just flour and sugar etc deep fried into ball shapes. Good earnings – 3 for 2 Euros. Thus came my theory of “As the altitude increases, so does the price.” I was simply saying it as a statement but Linda found it funny and told them all about it. They actually laughed and joked about it since then. (I re-stated it when I looked at the prices of the in-flight food on our way back) XD!

High up in the mountains.

I felt bitterly disappointed when I saw this. I expected a stunning view that’ll leave me in awe.

Thankfully, my disappointment shrunk away together as the fog cleared! CHeers!

Neuschwanstein and I. When it was still a bit foggy.

All of us!

Sorry linda for ”isolating” you! I had no idea so, lol! X)

In the castle’s courtyard as we waited for our turn to enter the building.

Photography is forbidden in the castle so sorry! I’ll just fill you in with a little history of it. Built by King Ludwig II in the 1870’s, it served as a retreat for the young king himself. King Ludwig II was made king at en early age of 18 years old. His favour towards Richard Wagner and his swan-craze are portrayed through the artworks and details of the architecture in the castle.

Neuschwanstein is the 3rd castle he built – he loves beautiful architecture – It was said that Neuschwanstein is perhaps more of his creation than of the architect’s for he took part in it a lot. The aspriring king even planned of constructing a 4th castle – the Falkenstein castle which never got beyond the planning stage. It was supposedly, if built, even more magical and fancier than Neuschwanstein. Nevertheless, after staying in this spectacular castle for a mere 170 days, King Ludwig was forced to leave it one night. Not surprising…which government would tolerate a king who went into 14 million mark of debts from building castles. He was thus declared unfit to be the ruler of Bavaria. Two days later, he was found dead in the shallow waters of Lake Starnberg and till this day, his death remains a mystery.

A view of Mary’s Bridge(Marienbrucke) from a balcony of the castle. Picturesque. I must thank King Ludwig II for constructing this bridge.

Proof that it’s real!

Replica of the castle itself in the castle.

At the end of the tour, the tour guide told us regretfully that the route to Mary’s Bridge is closed because of safety reasons. That was the second surge of disappointment that hit me. However, coming out of the castle’s exit, we saw that quite some people ignored the huge gate barrier blocking the path to the bridge and made their way over at the sides. So Voonhui, Yeeching, Linda and I decided to head there as well. I’m just glad we did, though my boots are super slippery and caused me to slip and stumble.

View of Neuschwanstein when I turned my head back for a look.

At some point, we got spectacular panaromic views of Hohenschwangau and the village below.

The kind of moment when you feel like everything’s surreal.

Happy me with the sceneries.

Happy me with the castle again.

Moving on from there, the path got steeper and more slippery. I had to link arms with Linda and Yeeching to avoid skidding away. After some time, we finally reached the bridge!

To the right, it goes straight down. A waterfall!

And on the left, the magnificent castle stands ever so grandly. No wonder that tt’s the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Very glad that there weren’t any fog lurking around and spoiling the view!

On our way back to the castle from the bridge, a few guys were trying to slide down the sloping path by sitting on paper on the icy ground. It was just too slippery to walk, so why not plop down and let gravity do the work lol. The only risk is losing control of the direction and flying off from the edge. XD Anyhow, we did the same too. Cold hips but yeah, it was fun. Later on as we were rolling snowballs, a guy came up to us to convey a “Faster come back!!” message from Aunty and Tseyui, hahah! I can imagine how Aunty must have been nagging about us but didn’t had much chance to do so when we got back because we were too busy ranting about how fantastic the sceneries are.

Darkness greeted us very soon as we made our way down, back to the foot of the mountain.

Time for snacks and sleep on the train back to Munich. I love this German Coffee bread! Wish I can buy it here =(

An authentic German restaurant recommended by the hostel’s staff.

German beer! Sorry Ying, I didn’t help you take a sip of it! Augustiner is like the most famous beer in Germany.

I kind of forgot the name of my dish D: It’s pork with potato dumpling and pickled sweet cabbage.

The amazingly huge boiled pork leg Linda ordered.

Lamb chop! I insisted that it tastes like the lamb chop my mum cooks! Or my mum’s might be even better :D

Random shot and there you go, a Mercedes Benz taxi. They’re everywhere!

Forgot to mention that, up to that time, my dear friends never mentioned about my birthday yet the whole day. I should be depressed but then it was quite obvious that they were just acting. I mean, perhaps it’s not uncommon to have one person forget about it but what’s the probability of all of them forgetting it? Besides, the little whispers on the mountain, the “Ehh I show you a picture” on the phone during dinner, the toilet going, the rushing me back when I wanted to go to Lidl…Even if I was insensitive to all those hints…girls! The bathroom wall of the dorm is not as thick as you think! I can hear you all talking when I was in there! Like Voonhui making the move to switch off the lights, and went “Ahhh~” in satisfaction. LOL.

The Starbucks Carrot Cake. I feel like eating it now hahah! These evil people told me to guess what flavour is the lollipop stuck atop it (no it’s not there anymore in the pic so you’re not blind) as a candle substitute. As a punishment for guessing wrongly, I had to take it out using only my mouth.

Gets emo looking at this pic. I feel so bad for losing that blue birthday card Tseyui made, and signed by the Manchester peeps. I love cards, if you know me. But I simply cannot understand still, how my card vanished into thin air along with the Christmas card from Jennie which Auntie passed me. I stuck them both in my luggage among my clothes! =( Where did they gooo! TT Anyway, thanks for the earphones, guys! Lovely pair of white Sennheiser CX 400II. And thanks to Yeeching, Voonhui, Linda and Tseyui for the dinner too!

HAH! Now you can see the lollipop clearly. Those waffles and Kettle chips…I guess they put them there for decoration. Thanks again for planning the “Surprise” party! XD I’m really grateful that I can spend my birthday with you guys. If I’m not wrong, I celebrated it with you peeps for the 10th year continuously already. X) Since my 11th year old birthday I think? Also, lots of thanks to everyone else who sent me birthday wishes via whichever method..by word of mouth, message, FB, email, twitter etc! May God’s blessings be with you all, as it has always been! Of course, thanks to my parents too! I’ll try to be a sensible 20 year olf. =)

Exams are coming up. Perhaps I’ll do random short posts but not updates on the trip just yet! Toodles~ ^^