München. 01.

Thanks to God for letting our flights run smoothly. Thanks to God for giving us reasonably good weather throughout the journey. Thanks to God for bringing us back safe and sound. Thanks to God for all the good Samaritans who helped us in any way during our trip. Thanks to God for everything! :D


1st day of the trip :: 28.12.2010

We woke up at 3a.m.(or was it 4a.m.? Too early that my memory hadn’t switched on yet) to catch a taxi to London Gatwick airport. Being the last ones to board the plane, Linda, Voonhui and I were ‘caught’ by the personnel to stuff our bags into the luggages before boarding. *pfft budget airlines pfft* Little did we know Voonhui’s mum slipped and fell ahead, resulting in bottom ache for days > <. Anyway, we had to sit separately during the flight, unsurprisingly.

Plane touched down at 9 something and we took a train from “Flugafen München” to “München Hauptbahnhof”. Proudly applying words I learnt, lol. Basically window views from train anywhere in Germany is simply blankets of snow. But white snow sceneries are always mesmerizing!

The central train station of München. (I hope you have guessed correctly that München is “Munich” in the German language.)

After checking in and dumping our luggages at Jaeger’s Hostel, we strolled back to the train station’s little food court for lunch. I was craving for rice so yeah, that was what I ate. Something funny to mention, I was shrieking to the others when I saw a Mercedes Benz taxi. Pardon me, I didn’t know it EXISTS!! Yeeching was like, =_=. Anyhow, it turned out that Germany is just brimming with all those unusually expensive cars. It’s famous for cars after all…

Currywurst! The sauce tastes like tomato sauce, with curry powder. XD

Pretzel! A big one~ I didn’t know pretzels are so common in Germany.

What’s one of my favourite words?? F-R-E-E!! Free tour around the city, how marvellous. Apparently it’s going on everywhere around Europe, well, most of the main tourist destinations at least. The best thing is the tour guide is goood, and the whole tour lasts for approximately 3 hours. This building you see above is the New Town Hall of Munich with a Gothic Revival architecture, located at the Marienplatz.

A tower attached to the Old Town Hall, which was rebuilt after it was severely destroyed during World War II.

Peterskirche – St. Peter’s Church. It’s the oldest church in Munich! Most buildings in the city were ruined in the war but the residents of Munich had drawn blueprints of the city before the war so after the great destroy, the city was rebuilt accordingly to restore it to the original look. What’s more? The citizens were as detailed as to put back in place after the rebuilt this little bomb which got stuck on the wall of this church and never exploded.

One of the domes of the Church of Our Dear Lady(Frauenkirche). This was where Pope Benedict XVI was once made Archbishop – He’s a Bavarian. (: An interesting architectural fact about this cathedral is that when you stand at the foyer, an optical illusion of no-windows anywhere in the church is created by placing the columns in a certain perspective.

There you go. Get what I mean now? X)

CHRIST seems to be quite a high-end accessories/fashion shop there lol.

The Maypole at Viktualienmarkt. A maypole is just a wooden pole Europeans lift up in conjunction with their folk festivals. The higher/more decorative the pole, the better it is! Our tour guide Kristine even did a little dance of how they dance around it for us.

Honey stall at the market.

Wine? Biscuits?

We stopped at Starbucks for a break after visiting the Hofbräuhaus – the Beer House! If you don’t know yet, Germany is famous for its German Beer. And Munich, holds the Oktoberfest every year, with 6 times the population in Munich cramming in to celebrate and drink beer together! How crazy is that!

Thought they looked quite pretty. Starbucks products. But I DISLIKE the new logo eww.

National Theatre Munich in Max-Joseph Platz, just next to the Royal Residence. It was built by King Maximilian I of Bavaria in a neo-classical style. Totally reminds me of Park HyoShin’s Neo Classicism album XD.

In front of the Hitler Statue. It’s located at a square where Adolf Hitler once gave his speech. Quite ironic. If you would look at the next picture…

…here’s one of the two lions facing opposite directions. The one facing the left (to the Theatine Church) has its mouth closed, meaning you should never speak out against the word of God. The one facing the right (to the Royal Residence I presume?) has its mouth opened, meaning you should voice out to the leaders of the country. In those days though, it was a crime not to salute if you’re passing by the statue.

*hugs* Come to think of it, why were we hugging in front of Hitler!

Theatine Church, where the tomb of King Maximilian II lies. And where we seeked warmth later on when we couldn’t stand the cold! If you would just ignore the silly face at the bottom of the pic, I apologize on her behalf. XD

The Pujut 4B girls, hahahah!

Group pic yay~ Cropped and it became so blurry. Too lazy to re-upload lol.

Streets of Munich as night falls.

My habit of taking pic with a lamp post XD.

Love the bear! Poor thing though, sitting there alone, staring out at the same view all day long.

Typical olden day car? And they are all being exhibited in museums nowadays :P

Sky was dark but on the ground, the city still shines brightly!

Lots of window display that slows down your footsteps to peer at them closely.

Not letting go of the opportunity to take pic with Christmas tree pwahaha.

Funny enough, we yet again, returned to the nearby train station for dinner! Bought some fruits from this stall.

Just look at those prawns!

Their ingredients for food are just TOO MUCH! X) But not that I’m complaining teehee.

Dinner! The biggest slice of pizza I’ve ever seen and eaten! :D

Lying down on the bed at night felt really blissful. Well, beds feel the most comfortable when you’re exhausted! That’s why when Tseyui came out of the bathroom, we were all far away in our own dreamlands already, hehe! Thus passed the first day of our trip, ever so peacefully…

Stay tuned for the 2nd day post – the day I went to the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been to! ;)