Random Outings :)

Credits: Tseyui (;

The long-awaited holidays are finaaally here! :D And yeah, I haven’t blogged for literally, AGES. Sorry again for that, I seriously had no time at all, either busy because of work or play, lol. Anyways, here I am…and I’m gonna do mass post so bewaree! Let’s get started~

Credits: Matthew’s hair XD

Manchester didn’t really snow much this year. In fact, it only snowed more heavily on 2 days, or 3. One of those days was a Wednesday when we walked happily to Taiwu for buffet and have a “Closed for Kitchen Refurbishment” notice on the tightly closed doors greeting us. Ended up at Metro Buffet which was quite good as well…desserts is jjang! Later as we walked to the city centre down Market Street, the gradually-getting-heavier snowfall turned us into an excited bunch who kept taking pictures.

One bowl after another – Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cake, chocoalte pudding.

Earmuffs duo~

Alrights. Moving on to the next post! Zoooooom.