Of friends, food and other recent fun

So I built a love-hate relationship with ice-cream this semester, but oh wells, I’m not the only one. X) This Mascarpone ice-cream has a rather fluffy texture, I literally thought it’s just cream – like fresh cream, when I first ate it. Haagen Daaz’s Praline & Nuts is still the best…or Half Baked from Ben & Jerry’s…*gulp* I just remembered there’re 2 tubs of HG from LZ sitting in my freezer.

Went to the Christmas markets with Linda who took the coach down to Manchester! I hope you had fun here, I sure did with you around~ In the pic is a soft cheese pretzel! I once read a story book when I was little that mentioned hot soft pretzels with sprinkled sugar on top. Since then I’ve been keeping an eye out for it. This cheese one doesn’t have the texture I’m dreaming of though lol. Maybe one day I’ll find it if I get to go to New York – that’s the setting of the story hahah.

Swiss vegetarian macaroni with goat’s cheese and milk and onions. Loss for words, it’s too delicious!

Hot French crepe with Nutella inside.


Some dim sum dishes that are new to me. I don’t know what’s in these rolls actually but they are goood!

Yew-char-kuay in Chang-fen wrap.

1st time I had Guo-tie in Manchester, yum!

Archie’s Ferrero Rocher milkshake~

Potluck. Do you see the Christmas tree-shaped nuggets?? Love them! :D

Chocolate cake…

Christmas cards mailed out..but not received yet =(

The 2nd heavy snowfall, which came on the night we had our Christmas party!

I’m so glad you all came~ I had an awesome time though it was tiring XD The tables were practically overloaded with food, including splendid desserts! Let’s do it again for CNY, whee!

Happy Secret Santas and Elfs with their prezzies in hand. ^^

Lunch at Nandos, thanks Ying for the free whole chicken coupon!

Loohzhen, Ying and I one cold frosty night, lol.

With Josephine who came to UK for a holiday trip!

Snow on the tree.

Replica of a Great crested bird. Took Josephine (and tseyui as well actually, since it was her first time XD) to the Manchester Museum. There are pictures of living poison dart frogs and iguanas and snake but thought they wouldn’t go well with these food or pretty pics here in this post, lol. Anyway, someone would chop me to pieces if I post the sn**e picture here. O_O

Christmas tree and I@ John Ryland’s.

The ultimate milkshake. Million Dollar Milkshake!

Lishan’s farewell dinner at Taiwu. Bye bye Lishan!! Very glad to get to know you, though you’re here for only three months =( You’ll be much missed here! Hug the bear we gave you to sleep at night yeah! Then you’ll have a sweet dream about all of us, hahah~

Sulky wrapped up warmly in Lishan’s 3-in-1 hat+scarf+gloves. Cuteness.

Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips. Love the chunky chips!

Alrights, that’s pretty much my maximum post quota for the day lol. This is my 7th or 8th post of the day already counting in pkt’s! Consequence of not blogging for too long, kekeke. Shall be heading down to London tomorrow, keep my fingers crossed and pray to God that my train is not affected..and the Germany trip better not be disrupted too! TT Thanks for reading, my dearest readers~