Glutton at Efes Tavern


So the SF “KPG”  girls decided to try out the Mediterranean buffet at Efes Tavern last Friday, pity our dear Mint Lii who couldn’t come cause she was busy dancing with yeast, yoghurt and bacteria in the lab! > < Thus it was only Aileen, Tiff, Selyn, Careena, Chiakhuan and I! Without further ado, let me show you what I gobbled down that day…

All kinds of delicious looking bread, salad, kebabs, chicken, deep-fried food, pizzas~

Desserts are a MUST in buffets — a very important highlight, in fact. Glad to say the desserts there were awesome! Bread and butter pudding, cheesecake, cherry cheesecake…I love them all!

You’ll be squealing at this! Chocolate profiteroles <3

Tiff, Chiakhuan and Careena.

Careena, Aileen, me, Selyn and Chiakhuan.

Outside the restaurant — in the cold. Thanks girls, for being great company that day! (; (Hope you managed to finish your work on time, Tiff!) And people who haven’t tried this place before, I recommend you guys to give it a go! It’s certainly worth it! =)