As Time Goes On

Can my post title get any lamer?
It is undeniable that the most annoying part of blogging is to think of the title. Agreee? So as my title suggests, as time goes on, I realize 2nd year is killer compared to 1st year. HYSYS Coursework simplly ate up all my time the past few days and drained my energy…and I’m owing myself lots of sleep and meals. But all the same, it’s over for now! :D As well as CRE Coursework so wheee, double celebration!!

Lectures, on the other hand, work like lullabies. Safety lecture is without doubt the best one! Well, “Stuart Little” himself said “I know it’s boring, but you still have to listen and learn”. Speaking of whom, I actually saw his full name on a review for one of the Munich hostels which I was checking up on, LOL! But still, there could be a lot of people called “Stuart XXX”. Then, we have a couple of lecturers who at least tried to enlighten the mood by cracking lame jokes. For example, when we’re copying the diagram with a heating coil in it, “Make sure there’re FOUR loops in your coil.” I then repeated it to Loohzhen who seemed to have missed it…and she broke into uncontrollable laughter. This is called ”low laughing threshold”. X)

What’s wrong with the scenery? XD

So before the coursework marathon started, Chiakhuan, Loohzhen, Tseyui and I went to Ashton-Under-Lyne for a day trip on a Saturday! I totally failed that day…fancy being the only one who didn’t go out the previous night and sleeping the earliest but also turned out to be the one who overslept until they came banging on my door. Fortunately we bought open return tickets so no trains missed, hahah! The main aim of the trip was to do volunteering for the “Operation Christmas Child”. Took us some effort to get there – going to Ikea to call up a taxi, and then someone – “utilitilies” – was stuck in the front seat of the taxi..Still, we arrived safely at the warehouse! (;

Basically, the operation is organized worldwide by Samaritan’s Purse which is an international Christian organization. Shoeboxes are packed with goodies and sent to children all over the world!

To be sent to children in Liberia! (;

Anyway, the warehouse ran out of shoeboxes early that day so we got to leave earlier around noontime. We  somehow managed to find our way back towards the town centre where there are quite some shops around.

The Gospel Church in Ashton-under-Lyne.

My chicken burger lunch…Regret not getting the Holland pie instead! It looked so good on other people’s tables with the gravy and all!

Such an artistic photo right? XD

After lunch we hung around at the town center where there is sort of a bazaar going on. From boots to candies to pajamas to toys. It’s like a Sunday market, teehee.

Looks extremely mouth-watering…temptation of food is really something.

A stall selling a huge variety of Chinese spices. I never knew “桔梗“ is called “Balloon Flower Root” in English, lol!

Due to time and energy constraint, we had to leave the indoor bazaar for the initial highlight of the trip (after volunteering lol) – IKEA! :D

Breathtaking view of the sky on the way to IKEA. You see, we don’t get such a clear view of the sky in Manchester – Look up and it’s either high-rise or grey clouds.

Right at the entrance to the big IKEA block.

It was exactly like the one in KL, guess the interiors and exteriors are standardized at all its branches round the globe. But nevertheless, the furniture and deco are still so pretty and homey…Anyway, I managed to buy a rug and a bathroom mat for below 2 pounds. Good bargain! Dragging our cold, tired feet back to the train station was something. But still, day trips are quite enjoyable actually! Next target — York. *calling out to Mon* ;D