Inching forward

Yes, inching forward in the work and activites-packed semester. I’m counting on Christmas to keep me going…I love how the star gleams in the sunshine.
Boofle can’t wait for Christmas too. He sticks with the Christmas tree all day long beside the window, waiting to spot the first snowflake that falls outside there.

Reading week actually just passed by last week. I really wanted to go visit Lake District but the weather had been so rainy and windy so I decided I wouldn’t take the high risk of spending money to get there and soak in the rain. Still, the week was rather enjoyable with potluck and other gatherings with the SF people. What’s SF, you ask? It’s the Manchester Chinese Church Student Fellowship which I started joining a couple of weeks ago! Wonderful fellowship. I felt like tearing the first day I attended, when we were doing praise and worship. Memories of Youth Fellowship back in MGC all those years in high school came flooding into my mind. I seriously should have joined last year! Everyone’s nice and friendly there, my brothers and sisters in Christ lol ;) Now there’s Thursday night of bible study/other informal activity to look forward to amidst every arduous week.

I would say this year is so much more eventful and happening compared to the previous year! Last year was just slacking and chilling off with Westoners during dinners+potlucks. This year, apart from the stress-causing courseworks, I’ve been getting involved with MLP as well. MLP stands for Manchester Leadership Programme, a programme whereby the participants do volunteering jobs to benefit the community. If you register 20 or more hours of volunteering, you’ll get an award! So 2 weeks ago, sis, loohzhen and I volunteered at this “Moss Side Community Food Festival” near the Curry Mile.  It was great – lots of fun, and getting to know people at the same time. We washed organic apples and had freshly squeezed pure apple juice, which tasted awesome! Best apple juice I ever drank..100% natural! =)

Most of the volunteers and Michelle the organizer..yup, all girls! XD And quite a fair bit of Asians –  from Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris, England!

As my reading week approached the end, Yeeching came up to ”happy” Manchester from ”crappy” London. She just loves being in Manchester! It’s alright, I know life’s simply good (*plays LG advertisement..Life’s good~~*) with me around. Anyway, Yeeching+Manchester = Dim Sum. We went to Pearl City at Chinatown with everyone else…sis, Loohzhen, Chiakhuan, Careena and Ying. The sight of a table full with plates of food makes people joyful, doesn’t it?

I went to the Christmas Lights Switch-on for Manchester tonight! Last year, due to procrastination of time, we missed the fireworks so this year, we made sure we get there early. Albert Square was totally packed with people when we reached the place around 7.30p.m. We squeezed our way through the crowd to get nearer to the stage though it was quite impossible. Fortunately the big projector screens at the sides do help a lot. 2009 X-Factor winner Joe McElderry was there to perform some songs too and as expected, he sang very well…though his voice sounded like a female’s in the beginning :P But yeah, can’t deny the fact he is a brilliant singer.

Nearing 8 o’clock, the countdown for the Switch-on plus fireworks started. Perhaps I had not watched live fireworks display for too long…but I got pretty amazed by them. God knows why fireworks never fail to make people stare and let out sounds of admirations subconsciously. I could feel the surge of happiness flowing in me as I gazed at the nonstop fireworks display. Just one spoiler…the neck gets awfully sore and stiff after tilting the head up for so long!!

I managed to capture videos of the fireworks so I merged them you go! ^^ Enjoy~ Click on the video and go to the Youtube page for bigger’s resized here TT