Fall of the Foliage

The time of the year when trees turn golden-orange or red, when the leaves sacrificingly break free from their branches..swirling and dancing their way through the air and sliding onto the ground – to be blown up in circles again when the autumn breeze picks them up.

I was walking to the computer cluster on a quiet Saturday morning 2 weeks ago and came across this adorable squirrel. It was the first time I see a squirrel this close-up so I got pretty excited. Thus, the next thing I knew, my hands were reaching into my bag for my now-always-tagging-along camera.

It’s just pure joy to watch the furry thing munching at a nut held in its two little paws. I thought cartoons were just fake illustrations lol.

These are all pictures of my Uni’s North Campus – where most of the Engineering courses are based, thus where I have my lectures and other sessions as well.

The Palace Hotel, Oxford Road.


The 2nd day of our Reading Week, our dear female Malay coursemates, aka Ain comel, Mariah and Zai were kind enough to invite us over for a Malaysian lunch! I felt like dancing around when the lovely homecooked curry aroma hit me once I stepped into their house.

That’s the sight that greeted us upon entering the house indeed. (: I don’t want to know how much roti jala, sambal, curry and fried chicken I ate. And then there were the fruits, trifles and Walkers…my digestive system must have had a hard time. D:

Mariah posing very happily…and Zai? What are you doing? :P

Chatting away after our tummies couldn’t take anymore food.

The girls need a group photo! We were amused at the height alignment…and LZ was complaining the picture could do very well without her. XD

In front of their house, no.29! My birthdate, lol. Thanks soo much again for having us over for lunch, Ain+Mariah+Zai! We had a superb time there. And your cooking skills? As WaiLum said, you girls can open up a new restaurant and fight with Lotus. :D We should do a movie night next time!